Why You Should Consider Travelling Solo Jan 15, 2016 by Sarah (Awesome Escape Blogger)

It’s sometimes a bit intimidating when you think about travelling off to some new city or country by yourself. But the truth is that travelling solo might be a better way to see the world for some people. Here are some very great reasons why you should consider travelling solo.

You can stay within your budget

Money is one of the biggest factors people face when it comes to travelling because everyone has a different budget and a different attitude towards spending money. You may be the type to enjoy a series of fine dining restaurants and forego the expensive accommodations because of it. Other people might not share the same attitude, but when you’re travelling alone it doesn’t matter – you can do anything you want!

It will boost your confidence

Nothing will boost your confidence more than conquering the world on your own. Knowing that you’re able to order a meal in a foreign language, or making friends with the regular’s in a local bar does wonders for your confidence level, especially if you doubted your abilities to begin with. Even if you run into problems while abroad, the ability to handle the issue with success gives you the knowledge that if you can do it somewhere else, you’ll be able to handle problems here as well.

You make your own schedule

When you travel alone, your schedule is 100% made up of things that only you want to do and see. You don’t have to cater to someone else’s schedule, which is especially nice when you do have a lot of things on your roster. Without the interference of having to negotiate or compromise on activities to do, take advantage and make the most of your own time and money. Travelling is supposed to be relaxing, so when you’re the one in charge of the schedule, it doesn’t get much better than that.


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