Why You Need a Vacation To Relax, Recharge, and Even Get a Raise Nov 2, 2017 by Cathy (Awesome Escape Blogger)

Take a moment and reflect on the past year. Do you feel drained, depressed, or stressed? Well, have you taken a vacation lately? Travel is one of the best ways to take a breath and recharge your batteries. Discover why you need a vacation and what you can do to relax, reenergize, and enjoy life to the fullest.

You Need a Break

Americans are working harder than ever before, and it's not good. American take less vacation than ever and paying the price: stress and work-related health problems are also on the rise. We know that for some people it’s the nature of the beast. If you go away you have more work to get done when you get back to the office. Other people think they’ll lose their job if they take any time off, or they are a "work martyr" that won't take a vacation to try and prove themselves. People that love to travel have heard these excuses before, and I’m here to tell you the evidence is in. Listen to your family, listen to your body, listen to the experts. Taking time off improves your attitude, drive, determination, and performance. Research shows employees that take vacations score better performance reviews on average than colleagues that don’t.  People that take time off are healthier, happer, more productive, and more likely to get a raise or promotion. Just think for a minute, maybe a little rest and relaxation will get you a nice raise? How cool would that be!

Take Frequent Vacations

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. One big trip can actually be more stressful. Studies show that people that take more frequent, shorter vacations are happier overall. One reason for this may be these people have more times to relax after different work or life events during the year, and more to look forward to if things are poorly. We know this isn't possible for everyone, but a Harvard Business School study found people taking at least a day and night off work each week loved their jobs more and were happier people overall. Taking a short trip every 8-12 weeks these people started getting excited for their time off and that propelled them to work harder and feel better when they returned.

Really Take Your Vacation

There’s a ginormous difference between taking a holiday and going somewhere and taking time off from your job but struggling with family concerns or catching up on other work. Make sure when you book a "vacation" that you plan something exciting that stimulates your mind, relaxes your body, and helps you learn and grow as a person.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money and you don’t have to travel far away. Just make sure you do something different and go somewhere new. It’s just so important to treat yourself regularly. Your mind and body will thank you later.

Managers Also Need a Vacation

A Wall Street Journal study found when managers made time to go on vacation they came back with a more productive and positive attitude with a clearer vision of the future. A good boss is supposed to lead their employees, and the only way they can do that successfully is to engage and reflect with a clear mind. It’s incredibly tough for many managers to see through everyday concerns and on-the-job problems unless they physically step away from work, turn off their phone, and clear their head.

It's in your best interest to take a vacation right now. Not only for productivity and work advancement, but also for your own health and wellbing. It really doesn’t matter if you go away for a weekend or two weeks, just make the time to step away from your job and daily concerns to clear your mind and discover something new.



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