How To Fix Common Travel Problems Aug 29, 2017 by Cathy (Awesome Escape Blogger)

It doesn’t matter whether you are taking a local road trip or your first vacation overseas, you need to be prepared for when your plans go awry. Travel is one of life's greatest pleasures and the unexpected is part and parcel of a great trip. But, sometimes, the unexpected is a serious hiccup in your plans that requires a little work to overcome. First, a “no worry” attitude is a good start and will help smooth out minor issues. Second, be prepared for these common travel situations so you know what to do and you won't fall apart in a crisis. Most of them, you're trip will go smoothly. When it doesn't, stop worrying and figure out what to do next now before your next trip.

1. Missed Flight

This problem is all too common. Perhaps your car broke down on the way to the airport, the power went out, or maybe you had a family emergency. Don’t fret, you can still make it to your pleasure destination. First thing you should do is contact your airline and re-book your flight. It’s standard procedure to charge you a fee for re-booking. Do not wait for a few hours or days. It’s important to let your airline know ASAP that you didn’t make the flight. And if you are really quick they may even be able to get you on the next flight.

2. Tough Connecting Flight

When you initially booked your trip you believed you had tons of time to make your connecting flight. Unfortunately, that may not be the case if there’s a delayed or canceled flight. Or perhaps you just got your timing wrong. I think just about every traveler has fumbled this one. When you are booking a flight, it’s important that you give yourself extra time. Don’t cut it too close or you’re going to be the one running through the airport trying to get to your gate! Try and book your flight so you get a seat close to the front of the plane. This means you’re going to get off the flight more quickly than the passengers at the rear. Don’t throw in the towel. You just never know with flights whether they have actually taken off and closed the gate or not. Until you’re at the gate, don’t give up hope.

3. Crazy Bus Driver or Cabbie

Maybe your plane has landed and you're en route to your next destination. Unfortunately, your cab driver is a little intimidating. He slams on the gas before you are even buckled up, and swerves and dives through traffic. First things first, you want to arrive alive at your hotel. Secondly, you want to enjoy your vacation and relax. Don’t try and cause a ruckus. Unfortunately, this is one situation where you have to stick it out and avoid conflict. Starting a fight in a closed car is a bad idea. Do not scream at your driver or start verbally attacking him in any way. Calmly explain that you aren’t feeling well and ask him politely to slow down. If he doesn't, don’t stay in the cab if your driver isn’t doing what you want. Say you've changed your plans or want to have something to eat and politely ask him to pull over so you can get out and get your luggage. Just get a receipt when you arrive and report him. Make sure you discreetly get as many details as possible and take the time to report this driver to the local authorities. You can then just grab another safer cab.

4. Hotel Reservations

This is likely the number one worry for travelers: arriving at your hotel and discovering that you don't have your reservation or, worse, they've overbooked. You might think that the hotel will try and help you, but if they've overbooked you might be out of luck. You should also calmly explain the situation to the front desk manager and ask for their help. Just keep an open mind as you might have to relocate. Don't freak out, becuase it won't get you anywhere. More than often you will be on your own. Call your travel agent (if you have one) and explain the situation. They should be able to take care of it for you. If you don't have an agent, consider all the information and then look at your options online in the hotel lobby. It may seem like the end of the world, but it’s really not. You’ve still got an incredible vacation ahead of you. 

5. Food Troubles

There is nothing fun about food poisoning. It’s one of the worst travel situations. Being stuck in a spectacular location barfing and swapping acts of sweating and battling the chills is awful. Likely the first thought in your head is how much you don’t want your temporary illness to wreck your whole trip. First things first, you should head to a local pharmacy to get some Imodium to keep from getting dehydrated. Then you should see a doctor just to be sure. Please don’t try eating solid food to work this bug through your system faster. A smart move is to up your electrolytes with drinks and then gingerly shift to bland foods like bananas, dry toast, and rice. And don’t ever give up on your vacation because food poisoning typically moves through your system in 2-4 days. It’s a waiting game that sucks. But don’t use that as an excuse to give up.

When you're traveling there are tons of problems that might crop up, but don't let them prevent you from enjoying an amazing trip!



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