The Top 5 Hotels in South Africa Dec 14, 2015 by Ashleigh (Awesome Escape Blogger)

South Africa is a stunning nation with a ton of different sightseeing and ecotourism opportunities for all who go there. The heritage and history of the land are quite storied with it being a major battleground for civil rights throughout the last century in addition to the site of Apartheid. The lands of South Africa are also home to the Big Five in wildlife safaris: lion, buffalo, elephant, leopard and rhinoceros, which reside in the nature reserves and national parks that riddle the land. To the south, Cape Town and other smaller districts reveal the spectacular shores of the roaring Indian Ocean –perfect for romantic getaways and family trips. If you're confused as to where to stay within this amazing nation, we've got a few pointers on good hotels for your holiday. Continue reading to see where to stay.

Nature: Kurhula Wildlife Lodge (Kruger National Park)

Located within Balule Private Nature Reserve in South Africa's infamous Kruger National Park, Kurhula Wildlife Lodge provides quiet and private accommodations and a less-than-bustling property to rest in between safaris and excursions out on the land of the reserve. Photo opportunities for all manner of African wildlife are top-notch from here with tours leaving from the hotel quite regularly. Rates here are also quite reasonable, but there are very few rooms, so be sure to book this place well in advance.

Romance: The Orient Hotel (Crocodile River Valley, Pretoria)

If romance is on your mind and you have your compass pointed towards the gorgeous region surrounding Pretoria, The Orient Hotel is one of the most opulent yet reasonably priced out there. The suites come in different levels of luxury with different themes. Furnishings and finishes within each are very luxurious and the grounds have an unmistakably Eastern ambiance to them. Another hotel with minimal accommodations, it is best to book quickly and take advantage of their Honeymoon upgrades while they're available.


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