Seven Helpful Travel Apps for Your Phone Nov 12, 2015 by Ashleigh (Awesome Escape Blogger)

With the rise in smartphone ownership during the last few years, it's only fitting to believe that some of the helpful apps you download for it could be useful for travel. With that being said, not every app out there is the greatest or the most useful. Luckily, there are a few good ones out there that can help you have the best and most comfortable trip possible. Here are the top seven travel apps that you should have on your smartphone right now.

iTranslate (iOS)

Whoever thought that you could have a conversation with someone in person without having an idea what they're saying? iTranslate for iPhone and iPad makes it possible right from your phone. This handy app uses speech recognition to translate what people are saying to one another. Simply have the person you want to converse with speak into the phone, and the phone will translate it into whichever language you like. That should help clear up misunderstandings of all sorts when you're in a foreign country while allowing you to understand what is being said.

WayGo (Android and iOS)

Another translation app, WayGo is used for the main Asian languages that us English speakers can't even begin to decipher. The app is available for Android devices and translates text off of images your phone captures. With this awesome local app, you can take a snapshot of a menu written in Chinese, Japanese or Korean and have it translated into English. WayGo plans on making more languages available over time, so hopefully it will eventually encompass languages written in standard alphabets, Slavic and Arabic. There is a catch, the paid version functions much better than the free one.

Travel Radar/iBeacon (iOS)

No more lost luggage, please! Travel Radar prevents this by working in conjunction with a small receiver called iBeacon to track your luggage via GPS on your phone. This is especially helpful when the airline has lost your luggage or it's ended up going god-knows-where in the terminal. There are other luggage tags and chips out there that do the same thing, but Travel Radar is definitely the most talked-about.

TripAdvisor (Android, Windows, Nokia, iOS)

Everyone in the world should use TripAdvisor when going on a vacation. Many travelers swear by this website turned smartphone app due to its comprehensive functionality. The app is the exact same as its website version with reviews on hotels, restaurants and attractions as well as info like menus, rates, and maps. You can also view traveler photos and check out different businesses based on rankings and recommendations.


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