How To Pack the Perfect Overnight Bag Apr 24, 2017 by Ashleigh (Awesome Escape Blogger)

Packing an overnight bag can seem easy, but how does one cram everything they could anticipate needing into one bag? You can't take everything you own on an overnight trip, but you can make sure that the things you want most make it into the mix. Here are a few tips to help you pack the most efficient overnight bag possible and keep your luggage level at a minimum. Read on to find out what exactly you can do.

Utilize Reusable Travel Bottles

We know that you're not hopping on a plane, but those reusable travel-size bottles that people often purchase for trips via air are the perfect size for carrying all of your skin care products, shampoo and other toiletries without having the hassle of full-size jars or bottles coming along for the ride. Each container is no more than 125 ml., so they can help you save major space and they come in all sorts of types so you can have a mini spray bottle for hairspray and tiny jars for creams. Leave those giant bottles at home.

Choose easy-to-pack outfits

Depending upon where you're going, you may have the ability to choose lighter-weight clothing to pack in your bag. If so, this is a huge opportunity to save space by rolling them up or folding them flat in the bottom of your luggage. A lot of the time camisoles and lighter denim, shorts, or skirts can work well and don't have the bulkiness of fancier get-ups. Also, you can wear a cardigan or coat instead of trying to stuff it into your travel bag. The point here is easy to remember and do: go for easy-to-pack outfits.

Use a Bag With Compartments

Bags that have multiple inner pockets and pouches are great for helping to organize your things and streamline the packing process. When everything has a place, it can free up room in the main compartment for larger items, and little pockets can protect electronics or other important items from being randomly crushed or damaged when you're on your overnight adventure. If you're purchasing a new bag, be sure to look through it to ensure ti has the right configuration for your needs.

Get a Great Bathroom/Makeup Bag

Because you're only going on an overnight trip, you won't need to clear off the bathroom counters and pack every single toiletry or eye shadow palette you have in your possession. Choose the beauty products you know you're going to use, and get a bag that can adequately fit your cosmetics, toothpaste and the like without being its own overnight bag. Small is good, and let's not forget that you can always put a tube of lipstick and your mascara in your purse.  

Remember the Little Extras

We know it's just an overnight adventure, but you shouldn't neglect the little extras everyone tends to forget about. Pack a paperback novel if you bore easily; don't forget your smartphone charger. If you have work to do while at your hotel, bring along your laptop or tablet. Forgetting the little essentials that don't seem so readily apparent can spell disaster depending on where you're going and for what purpose. Try making a list of everything you can think of and whittle it down to the necessities. That should stop you from forgetting the little extras you should be taking with you.



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