The Beginner's Guide to Adventure Travel Aug 3, 2017 by Cathy (Awesome Escape Blogger)

Time stops for nobody, and it certainly doesn’t seem to slow down as we get older - unless you're at work. Otherwise, living in the moment and enjoying every second of every day just makes sense, especially when you're traveling. Adventure travel involves seizing the moment and exploring your destination like a local, taking risks, and having fun. Whether you're new to adventure travel or a veteran voyager, here are eight useful tips you should know before you head off on your next adventure.

1. Open Your Mind.

If you take on a new adventure with a closed mind full, thinking “I can’t" or "I won’t," then you are in for one sour experience. Adventure is all about discovery, challenge, and excitement. It’s about leaving your comfort zone, opening the door to new opportunities, and giving yourself permission to change. I know…that’s a scary word. But you’ve got to commit to the possibility of change when you travel to new places with new ways of thinking. On your next adventure, try avoiding a rigid schedule and spend some unplanned time in strange new places. Put a smile on your face and learn to take things as they come!

2. Less is More.

The last thing you want to do on your adventure is pack everything but the kitchen sink. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t have a fresh outfit each day. You definitely don’t want to be lugging around a whole bunch of bags you don’t really need. The only things you really need are your travel documents and tickets, passport, money, emergency numbers, and an overnight bag with the essentials. That’s it. And if you REALLY want to pack heavy you should be packing things  to give away depending on where you're going. Research your destinations: some countries appreciate secondhand clothing, shoes, or other goods.

3. Live Like a Local

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True adventure travel involves a new destination with a foreign culture. This is the time to step outside of what you know and immerse yourself in a new culture. Don’t be afraid to eat local food, try communicating in a new language, making friends, and asking respectful questions. Before you set sail, do your research on the history of your destination. You’ll be surprised how much most people will embrace you if you just show that you are interested in how they live. The connection with the people really is what makes real adventures so special.

4. Be Confident

Whether you are a shy person by nature or you’re naturally outgoing, it’s important to use take advantage of every moment. Put your best foot forward by looking to make connections with people along the way. Be confident and polite. Be kind to strangers and believe good things are going to happen. An adventure vacation is what you make it, so don't be afraid. Go big or go home!

5. Share and Create

There’s no room for a closed mind on an adventure vacation. Use this as an opportunity to let down your walls and share. Perhaps you have a story you’d like to share that might inspire others to step out of their normal and into the extraordinary. Most people love swapping stories and advice. Open yourself up to share and create memories you will not forget.

6. Engage With People, Places, and Things.

This is your opportunity to embrace life to the fullest. If you love to play basketball, find a pickup game. And if cooking is your thing why not look at a cooking class or perhaps just ask to watch the locals in action. Explore local shops, markets, and parks. Don’t be afraid to get up and dance to the music. Adventure is about building experiences and living in the now. 

7. Journal

Memories can fade, but when you have a detailed journal about what you did, who you met, and where you met, you can rest easy knowing you'll never forget this trip! Not to mention the fact you have something concrete you can use to share your fascinating time with others. Journaling can also help travelers reflect on the dizzying array of experiences you might have in a day and learn more from your trip. You can journal by hand in a  notebook or you can make voice notes into your phone. 

8. Stay Active

Of course, you need to be active on your adventure. Go walking, biking, and hiking wherever you go. If you can, try going for a swim, sailing, or scuba diving! This is the right time to let down your guard and get gutsy and alive. Challenge yourself to try things that might scare you back home. The more you put into your adventure, the more you’re going to get out of it. Take these recommendations to heart on your next trip, and you'll create amazing memories that last a lifetime.



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