Hong Kong – A Cultural Extravaganza Nov 9, 2015 by Cathy (Awesome Escape Blogger)

There are loads of different reasons jet off to different corners of the world. Sometimes it’s out of necessity for business. Other times it might be just to change up the scenery and get a break from the everyday. But when you are set to eat, breathe, and live the culture foreign to you, that’s when the tickles start heading down your spine and the butterflies infest your belly. Hong Kong is one of those mystical far-off lands filled with so many precious treasures. There is just so much to learn, see and do, that it’s overwhelming. But you’ve got to be willing to “give it up” at the door if you really want to experience the trip of a lifetime. It starts by blending yourself in with the locals the best you can. And doing what the locals do. Otherwise, you’re going to exist as an outsider and there’s just too many walls to break down to capture the spectacular experience you are looking for.

Enjoy the Local Eats

This is one of the easiest and most effective routes to get that cultural immersion you’re craving. Hong Kong has Dai Pai Dongs throughout the city. These are tiny food stalls that are often attached to larger markets. And it’s where the “heart of the city” hangs out; the food vendors. This is where you get an up close and personal experience with the heartbeat of the city and the people that create it. Just like finally taking that tasty bite of the middle of a jelly donut This is where the locals flock to for lunch. The golden ticket signal to visitors the food is healthy, tasty, and safe. Dim sum, rotisserie meats, bowl pudding, fried fish balls, noodles, and oodles of other authentic cuisine are right here tantalizing your taste buds. Time to let your guard down and make sure you come on an empty stomach. So you can experience head to toe what it’s really like to eat like a local in Hong Kong.

Make a Point of Buying From the Locals

Whatever you do don’t go into a highly flashy and expensive shop to buy brand-name merchandise you can get at home. That’s not what your cultural experience is about. Have fun meandering the streets so you can discover treasures you just can’t find anywhere else. The locals are well known for exquisite antiques and beautiful hand-made garments. Perhaps you will find a hand-beaded shawl or a priceless piece of art you can take back home with you. And don’t forget to hop on the tram just like the locals. Let it take you to where you’re supposed to go. Brilliantly beautiful.

Visit the MegaBox

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The MegaBox is the most popular mall in the country. It’s influenced by both Chinese and Western cultures; a spectacular site to see. You are going to find everything inside your heart desires. From traditional food to Western favorites, and they’ve even got ice rinks. This is where you’ll get a collage of different ethnicities, beliefs, customs, cultures, and interactive nature. But this doesn’t mean you have to buy the name brand stuff just because it’s in sight. Look but don’t touch. The MegaBox is the place to sit back and take all that spectacular and dynamic culture in.

You Can’t Forget About Museums

By stepping into a museum, you get the opportunity to understand the history and heritage of a country much better. The more you understand Hong Kong, the more you will appreciate it. And don’t feel bad if you have a bit of a sore spot in your stomach toward museums in general because of childhood field trips. It’s true, many entrance fees cost a pretty penny. But not all. The Hong Kong Museum of History is free on Wednesdays. This is where you can absorb the historical Chinese culture and appreciate the culture on a much deeper level. From the Devonian era almost 400 million years ago to the reunion of China and Hong Kong in the late 90s, it’s all yours to discover. Make a point of stepping back in time. Promise you are going to appreciate all that Hong Kong is and more.

Hop on the Metro

Considered the world’s most “envied metro system,” Hong Kong’s metro system is 218 kilometers long and has an almost perfect on-time record. That’s crazy spectacular. It serves about 1.6 billion riders a year. What better way to get the cultural experience than to immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of the locals?  It’s open 24 hours a day and when you master this system you really do have they key to the city in your hands.

You Don’t Want to Miss the Tea

There are many European countries that may dub themselves “masters” of tea. But Hong Kong most certainly has a story of its own. In 2737 was when the Chinese culture began establishing their expertise with green tea. In Hong Kong, tea is a cultural experience and simplistic route to step inside and swallow it all down.  You will find tea in tea houses, small shops, and in the local supermarkets and restaurants. So there really is no excuse not to drink it all up. 

These are just a few suggestions to make certain you get the most of your cultural experience when you visit Hong Kong. And this is only the beginning. There are just so many fantastic experiences waiting for you when you visit the Orient, that the best way to explain it all is just to do it. Let your guard down and open the door to trying just about anything in this exciting and alive cultural mecca and you will get the most out of your travels to the wondrous magical city. Now all you’ve got to do is book your ticket and go.



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