Five Tips for Carefree Carry-On Jan 13, 2016 by Sarah (Awesome Escape Blogger)

Travelling can be greatly rewarding, however, sometimes it can be a hassle checking luggage and waiting for them to get off the plane before hauling your heavy bags all over the place! Even worse, if the airline loses your luggage you have to wait for days! We’ve found some great ways to rid that stress by just travelling with a carry-on bag, and how to make the most of your smaller carry-on luggage.

Start With Necessities

When you’re packing, start with the items you absolutely must bring with you on the trip. These are the types of things that would ruin your trip if they were left behind, including items such as a passport, travel documents, IDs, and any medications. Don’t try to fit them in at the last minute.

Roll, Don’t Fold

Rolling your clothes takes up less space in your luggage than folding, and it also helps to prevent wrinkles. Folding heavier items such as pants by themselves is good, and you can bundle thinner items such as t-shirts together in a single roll.

Maximize All Space

When packing a small bag, it’s important to utilize the space you have well so you can maximize what you can bring with you. Use the space inside of shoes to hold things such as jewelry, use the pockets in your bag to hold things that you need to get to easily, and if you’re packing a hat, pack it upside down so you can place stuff inside of it as well.

Don’t Pack Toiletries

Most toiletries don’t fall under the regulations of things that you’re able to take onto a plane. However, they are also some of the easier items to obtain no matter where you’re travelling. It might cost a few bucks, but it's cheaper than most luggage fees! If you really need your certain kind of toiletry, try to find samples before you go, or put some of your product into travel size containers that fit the regulations of the airline.


There are so many smaller versions of things these days, which makes it easy to pack lighter than you could a few years ago. If you want to bring books with you somewhere, opt for an e-reader. If you need a computer, opt for a tablet instead. If you need to bring your own towels, opt for a travel towel (which is lighter and dries much faster). Items such as these will take up much less space in your carry on and will leave you space for other things as well.

If you only have a carry-on you can glide right through baggage check and avoid wasting time in the airport when you arrive at your destination. Take some of the hassle out of your travel experience and get rid of your extra luggage.



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