Finding Budget-Friendly Accommodations in London Sep 17, 2015 by Ashleigh (Awesome Escape Blogger)

If you're traveling to the UK, you probably already know that you'll be spending a bit more than you would like to. Airfare alone is quite steep unless traveling on a charter flight with a seat sale, so why not save a little on your accommodations? London, Great Britain is one of the most expensive places to stay. We've got some ground rules you can follow to not only save a bit on your hotel but how to get the most for your money. Read on to see how you can do both.

Remember to Watch the Exchange Rate

Euros are worth a great deal more than the American and Canadian dollars. In fact, one Euro is worth somewhere around 88 cents USD, so you may think that you're getting a good deal on hotel rates when you have yet to factor in the exchange rate. That's a costly mistake, so be sure to not only watch the dollar in the days before your trip but also when you book so you can be sure to get a good deal instead of assuming you did when you've ignored the exchange rate. 

Don't Fear B&Bs or Hostels

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A lot of younger people are put off by bed and breakfasts while a lot of the most mature crowd will shy away from hostels. If you're anticipating spending more time out of your room and less lounging around, what does it matter? A lot of bed and breakfasts are good for people who would like to save on a meal or two. While hostels are excellent for people who plan on traveling elsewhere as part of their trip and won't be seeing the place much. Just remember not to be a snob about where you'd like to stay; you could get a fantastic deal you might have otherwise passed up. 

Look for Deals Online

Most booking sites are linked to one another now, but if your travel agent can't get you a lower price on accommodations on their own, venture onto your PC to see if there are deals you weren't being offered and if you can get a better bargain on your own. A lot of promos can also be found online in addition to group coupon websites and more that can slash the price by a little. You can also do some comparison shopping online to see if one hotel is more affordable than others.


Look at Reviews Online

You can get the most for your money by looking online at reviews of the property you hope to stay at. Travelers are very helpful and won't hesitate to share their experience with others online through review sites, travel sites or blogs. Remember to read comments in addition to looking at ratings: sometimes one customer's experience is entirely different than another's. 

Book a Room Well in Advance

If you've hit the jackpot and finally found the right hotel at the right price, book it fast. A lot of the better deals out there are discovered by other travelers just as fast, and rooms can fill up rather quickly if there are sales or promotional offers on when you book. You can do this by contacting the hotel's booking desk, doing it online through a travel booking site or by speaking with your travel agent. 



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