Don't Like to Fly - Join the Club Sep 15, 2015 by Stuart (Awesome Escape Blogger)

Let's face it -- no one likes to fly. Airports, with their long line-ups and annoying security procedures, are only the beginning. Most airline seats don't exactly give you a lot of space to relax, and for many people, flying is hardly relaxing. Whether you're flying for business or pleasure, the plane trip is almost always the worst part of your journey. Here are some top tips to make things a bit more bearable.

Take Care of Yourself

This one starts before you even get to the airport. Get a good night's sleep before a flight, try to be and try to stay hydrated, don't drink alcohol. Sounds simple, but it'll help -- flying might be fun, but the physiological weirdness of it can take its toll on you. Make sure you're in top shape before you board the plane, and you'll be thankful.

Bring Entertainment

This sounds obvious, but you've got to make the effort. Don't just bring your mp3 player -- bring that book you've meant to read, or a season of a TV show, or some work you have to get done, or all four! Sometimes it's hard to stay interested in things while trapped on a plane. Make sure you have options. Buy the horrible airline headphones if you have to!

Be Comfortable

A squalling baby or a seat that won't recline could ruin your whole flight. It sounds inconvenient, but lugging around noise-cancelling headphones or a neck pillow can make a real difference. You know yourself best, so gear up accordingly. This includes things like dressing appropriate to your destination, but also bringing a sweater in your carry-on, or bringing some headphones, so you don't have to buy bad ones from the airline. 


While you're waiting around in the airport before your flight, try some stretches. Sitting on a plane for hours isn't exactly the kind of thing you usually warm up for, but stretching can help prevent deep-vein thrombosis and cramps. If your flight is longer than four hours, try to flex your legs while seated, and walk the length of the plane a few times. 

Don't Fly Economy

The best option, but perhaps not the easiest. If you're lucky, you're travelling for work, and your business-class ticket is on the company card. Even those just vacationing might get bumped up if they're members of airline rewards clubs or have travel reward-related credit cards. 



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