The 5 Best Travel Apps Jun 22, 2017 by Nicole (Awesome Escape Blogger)

Technology is changing the way we travel. From booking flights online to finding the best place to grab dinner when you arrive, there's no limit to how much technology can help you plan your trip and navigate new places. Apps are making it even easier to use technology on to the go when traveling. Below, we're sharing five of the best travel apps to help you make the most of your next adventure.

1. TripIt

Whether you're an organizational mastermind or you always struggle to keep track of the details, you'll love using TripIt when planning your vacation. You book your flights, hotels, and activities, then TripIt keeps all of your information organized in one place. The app will also sync your confirmations with your calendar, give you alerts, and send you a complete itinerary, so you'll never have an excuse for being late. Even better, the app is free, with the option of upgrading to the pro version for a few extra perks.

2. Packpoint

Making a checklist is a great way to help ensure that you don't arrive at the airport and realize that you left your passport or cell phone charger on the kitchen table. Rather than scribbling your list on a piece of scrap paper, download Packpoint. The idea behind the app is genius. You start by answering a few questions about your trip, like when you'll be traveling and what activities you're planning while you're there. Then, you get a customized packing list based on what the weather will be like at your destination and how you'll be spending your time. Tap the items as you pack to check them off the list and remove those that you won't need.

3. Walc

If you're exploring your destination on foot, Walc is the app for you. Unlike other maps that you can pull up on your phone, Walc gives you easy to understand audio directions based on local landmarks. This is a dream come true for those who aren't great with directions. Just pop in your earbuds as you leave your hotel and let the app guide you to your destination. The visual clues will help you avoid making a wrong turn, and it will get you turned back around if you get lost. Walc keeps your eyes on the sights and not buried in a guide book.

4. Memrise

If you want to make the most of your trip, start by learning a bit about your destination. Memrise makes it fun to educate yourself about the language, culture, and history of different locations. The app helps you learn about the subject of your choice by using visual guides and flashcards made by other users that are funny, entertaining, and informative. Choose your lesson based on the area you're interested in learning about and the amount of time you have to spend. Most lessons are a couple of hours in length.

5. Trip Advisor

This one may seem like a given, but you'll be thankful to have the Trip Advisor app on your phone when you're visiting a new location. Are you looking for the top rated restaurant near the Eiffel Tower? Trip Advisor will give you a list of the most popular options, along with customer reviews, so you'll know exactly what to order. Interested in getting off the beaten path while hiking in South America? There's a guide for that. Want to be sure you hit all of the best historical sites in Boston? Other users can upload their itineraries so you can follow in their footsteps. The app works for many different countries, so you'll have a wealth of information at your fingertips anywhere you go. No matter where you're going, with your phone in your pocket, you'll have all the tools you need for a great trip.



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