4 Easy Ways to Pamper Yourself on Vacation Apr 13, 2017 by Ian (Awesome Escape Blogger)

Sometimes taking a vacation ends up being more work than staying at home. Planning, organizing, and paying for a vacation can be stressful. Navigating a new place, especially a new country, can be more difficult than expected. There are practical steps you can take to maximize your rest and minimize difficulties on your next vacation. Some people thrive on interesting and new experiences while some people are looking for a more relaxing trip, so if these tips don’t work for you that’s not unexpected. But if you’re trying to get the most out of your limited vacation time with the least amount of stress, take a look at our five suggestions.

 Advance Planning

This might seem obvious but it’s surprising how many people don’t make proper travel arrangements in advance. Take the time before your next trip to research your destination and prepare the right documents, clothing, and make arrangements with your hotel or accommodations. When you’ve arrived, let the hotel do the heavy lifting! Always ask for advice and information from your concierge.

Choose an Inclusive Experience

This won’t be the best option for adventurous travelers, but selecting an all-inclusive resort or hotel package simplifies your vacation immensely. There’s nothing that will stop you from leaving the hotel whenever you want to explore the surrounding region, but for families and travelers looking for serious rest and relaxation, an all-inclusive takes a lot of the work out of your hands. It’s a great way to provide entertainment for the whole family. If you’re not interesting in a resort, consider upgrading your hotel experience for additional amenities and services, just be willing to adjust your budget accordingly.

Treat Yourself

Wash away your worries and treat yourself to the spa. Take the whole day and relax with a massage and yoga. Experiment with aromatherapy and see if the natural scents and oils can help you unwind. Depending on your location, different spas offer unique experiences and treatments. Spoil yourself, you’re on vacation!


Don’t let work follow you around the world! Unplug from all of your devices. Set up a vacation message and don’t check your messages or emails. Bring a small camera to use instead of your phone when taking pictures and you can focus more your travels and less on distractions. Bring a book for quiet moments instead of using your phone. Just keep in mind you’ll need to make arrangements to connect later with your family or friends, and leave your phone in your room. Obviously, this is impossible for certain types of jobs. But if you can, you won’t regret turning off your devices and taking a break from the hectic pace of modern life.



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