The World’s 6 Worst Amusement Parks Sep 12, 2016 by Sarah (Awesome Escape Blogger)

Amusement parks are something that people get happy and excited about, and people look forward to visiting them—especially the kids! But what if you went to a theme park that was dirty, disgusting, and even murderous? (We wish we were kidding, we really do.) Below are some of the worst amusement parks in the entire world.

Action Park

NY Daily News

Action Park, located in New Jersey, is known as “The World’s Most Dangerous Theme Park”—and not in a fun and exciting way. After a ridiculous number of injuries and deaths, the park closed in 1996 for two years before quietly reopening in 1998. The rides are poorly constructed and dangerous—resulting in broken bones, concussions or huge lacerations. Electrical shocks from faulty wiring were a common occurrence on the artificial river. The infamous “Cannonball” waterslide included a loop at the end. While that might sound amazing, it didn’t work. On more than one occasion, people either got stuck in the loop when there wasn’t enough water or they weren’t going fast enough and fell at the top, breaking their noses or suffering a concussion. Eventually, the staff created a trap door near the loop so they could rescue trapped or drowning riders. The slide closed down eventually, but a newly constructed one is set to open again in 2016. After twenty years of mismanagement and broken promises, don’t give this place another chance.

Parque Ecoalberto

US/Mexico Border

Parque Ecoalberto is a resort in Alberto, Mexico. You can go hiking, kayaking, swimming, and…cross the border illegally? You can experience what it’s like to cross into the United States as an illegal immigrant. While there might be educational value to an interactive museum or immigrant experience, this “theme park” is just a few miles of dirt road and a very expensive hike. For just under twenty bucks you get a guide and walk for 7.5 miles along a dirt road known as La Caminata, or “The Hike.” You’ll encounter approximately 100 different staff members who are dressed up in masks, pretending to be border agents, drug smugglers, and guides known as “coyotes.” Some people describe the experience as terrifying—and you have to pay for it.


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