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There are many beautiful landscapes in our world, but Costa Rica boasts a higher ranking biodiversity than both the United States and Europe combined. It’s relatively small in size, which makes traveling from the coastline to the summits swift and easy. This rain-forested Central American country is encompassed by two coastlines; the Pacific and the Caribbean. Known for its spectacular beaches and volcanoes are other natural wonders this gem offers to the world. Interestingly, up to a quarter of this country is protected and preserved jungle; overflowing with monkeys, rare birds, and a medley of tropical creatures we rarely get to catch sight of. Costa Rica is a peaceful nation that has always remained ahead of the pack when it comes to developing nations. They are lucky in the fact they haven’t been devastated by war like many other Central American countries. This country has a low crime rate and is vibrant and alive, a peaceful nation that welcomes visitors with open arms. Proud to share their culture and anything else they can to make you experiences in Costa Rica more fabulous. Let’s have a look at some of Costa Rica’s natural wonders. Reason enough to make your next vacation to this land of excitement a done deal.

Arenal – Massively Explosive

Since about 1968, Arenal has been an active volcano. Producing massive explosions and menacing ash; a spectacular natural wonder of the world. The picture-perfect cone shape has somehow miraculously survived after years of endless volcanic activity. An unbelievable sight to see. And when you aren’t mesmerized with Arenal, there are plenty of luxury hotels, restaurants and bars, and even romantic hot springs to keep you entertained.

Calling All Surfers

Jaco is the surfing destination North American expats flock to envelop themselves in some pretty radical surfing dude. And it’s not just about the fantabulous surfing. There are exquisite cosmopolitan restaurants and luxury hotels popping up everywhere. The locals may not be so fond of the sky rises, but the visitors don’t seem to mind. This isn’t really the place you want to hit if you are looking for “real” authentic and rustic Costa Rica, but there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of modernized fun right?

Tortuguero – Turtle Stampede

Here you get to step straight into nature and watch the endangered sea turtles in their natural habitat. Where hundreds spend their energy building their nests and laying eggs on the black sandy shores of this quaint Caribbean town. And where you find turtles to find a diverse variety of other wildlife; from teeny tiny frogs and gentle sloths to endangered manatee and mischievous howler monkeys, a magical experience with nature one on one.

Waterfall Spectacular

There are many waterfalls to be found throughout Costa Rica. However, if you’ve just got time to see one, make certain it’s Llanos de Cortes. It’s right off the Pan-American Highway just outside of Liberia. It drops powerfully down into a smooth lake alongside a serene white sandy beach. You can even slip behind the curtain of water and escape into a range of au naturel nooks.


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