Cape Breton: Canada's Hidden Celtic Gem Jun 12, 2017 by James (Awesome Escape Blogger)

Cape Breton is such an exciting place to visit. The beautiful island in the province of Nova Scotia has so much to offer that you are spoilt for choice on what to do, where to see, and what to experience. It is one of Canada’s most unique travel gems, making it the ultimate getaway spot for visitors from around the world. In some circles. Below are six activities you can engage in when in Cape Breton that will guarantee a fantastic visit.

1. Experience the Cabot Trail

The Cabot Trail is one of the most-known features of Cape Breton. This is an exciting activity for nature and adventure lovers. The trail is a 300-kilometer drive that winds in the northwest island between Cape Breton Highlands National Park and Baddeck, serving some beautiful scenery. While hiking, driving or cycling the trail, visitors get to experience the lush landscape, beautiful skyline, and ocean-side cliffs of Cape Breton.

2. Visit the Fortress of Louisbourg

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If you are a lover of history and culture, you need to spend a day at the Fortress of Louisbourg. The fortress is one of Canada’s most famous historical fortifications, first built in 1713 by the French. It was captured and destroyed by the United Kingdom and then rebuilt in the 1970s as a living history museum. Walking through the museum takes you back to the 18th century with reenactments of daily life done using real props from the period and people in costume. Even the dishes served are based on old recipes. It is the largest historical reconstruction in North America.

3. Attend the Celtic Colours Festival


Make amazing memories of fun and good times at the Celtic Colours. The Celtic Colours Festival is a nine-day event that takes place in October across Cape Breton, with dozens of concerts and community events. One of the biggest of its kind, the festival celebrates the Celtic (Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Breton, and more) history of the region, including vibrant music, food, fashion, and fun. It strategically takes place during the most beautiful time of the year, so pack up your vibrant yellow, red and orange and fall colors and make sure you experience this electric event.

4. Visit the Miners’ Museum

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The Miners’ Museum is located in Glace Bay and covers the region's dark history of coal mining. When you visit, you will be given an interactive tour of an actual coal mine by retired miners. You will be told real stories of different experiences by the miners and get to know so much about their dangerous work. You can then finish off your experience with a delicious home-cooked meal from the Miners’ Village Restaurant.

5. Whisky Tasting at the Glenora Distillery

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You should definitely experience food and whiskey from Glenora. This distillery is North America’s first single malt distillery (and the only one in Canada). It is beautifully situated in the Glenville hills. Though the fine whiskey is reason enough to visit, and no one is restricted as the distillery has a dining room that offers some great food choices.

6. Golfing on the Green Hills

Cape Breton has some of the best golf courses in North America with panoramic views of green hills, rugged cliffs, and tossing waves. In fact, the location and ambiance are very similar to Scotland, where golfing was invented. Cabot Links is the best course for interested golfers, located near Glenora Distillery if you need to celebrate (or commiserate) after eighteen holes.

If you have plans to visit the island, try one of these amazing ways to experience hospitality, good cheer, and beauty in Cape Breton.



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