The 25 Best Places to Travel Solo Aug 11, 2017 by Amy (Awesome Escape Blogger)

Seville, Spain

Bullfighting. Flamenco dancing. Long meals filled with culinary delights. You will find all of this and so much more in Seville, Spain. You can reach most of the attractions in Seville by walking along the cobbled alleyways, where you will also pass markets full of mouthwatering food. Keep in mind that this charming city isn’t meant to be devoured in one gulp. Linger for a while and take it all in piece by piece.

Speaking of lingering, you will want to linger over meals when you are in Seville. The city has mastered the art of socializing when eating, especially in outdoor tapas bars. Stop by Casa Morales for authentic Spanish cuisine and lots of friendly conversation. You will get to meet the locals while you enjoy shrimp cooked with chunks of garlic and other tasty treats.

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