17 Surprisingly Scenic Tunnels Around the World Sep 17, 2015 by James (Awesome Escape Blogger)

We’ve been digging big holes for a long time. Whether it was hiding from the saber-toothed tiger or building a subway system, from Cavemen to Bugs Bunny, tunnels have always held a certain fascination to the human psyche. Tunnels aren’t just excavations; they have a spiritual element, a sense of returning to the earth. There is a strange majesty to being buried beneath a thousand tons of rock. (And awesome echoes. Let's not forget the echoes.) But not every hole is equal so here are some of the most amazing tunnels—including a lot of surprising subways, road tunnels, and ancient tombs! Shake up your travel plans with these eclectic destinations.

Paris Metro, France

Nikonaft / Shutterstock.com

Paris is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and for good reason. When you visit Paris be sure to get around on the beautiful subway and pay attention to the amazing collections of art and architecture. Originally built by the Paris Metropolitan Railway Company, or “Metro,” in 1900, there are now 133 miles of tunnels serving 4 million people a day. The original stations were masterpieces of Art Nouveau—elegant curves, curls, and glass. Every trip is full of French chic!


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