10 Reasons to Visit India Nov 5, 2015 by Cathy (Awesome Escape Blogger)

So many people would never think of India as a must visit destination. Probably mainly because they just don’t know very much about it. Yes, there is the overcrowded, polluted, hot, poverty stricken, and culturally scary side of this country. But on the flip side of the coin there is a spectacular hidden treasure: with a rich and phenomenal history, cosmopolitan cities, spectacular art and monumental classics, impressive cuisine, and so much more. The side most people know very little about. This complex often underrated country has so much magic to be discovered. Open your mind and get set for the experience of a lifetime visiting India. Here are just a few of the hundreds of reasons you should consider visiting this culturally alive and completely fascinating country.

Reason One – Amazing Diversity

India has an incredible amount of diversity and among it all there is this incredible central unity. Every region throughout India has obvious and alive cultural differences. Generalizations just don’t happen in India about the people and the culture because what’s truth in one area isn’t in another. Take the time to wander around and take everything in.

Reason Two - Regional Foods Extraordinaire

Many people think Indian food is all about the curry. That generalization couldn’t be wronger. Of course curry is a very popular spice used in traditional Indian cuisine but there’s more diversity than you think. In the east end, you’ll discover plenty of fish dishes and chapatti, which are a type of tasty tortilla. In the south, you’ll find the delectable tasty paper thin stuffed crepes called dosa. Naan bread is popular in the north, where you’ll also delight in clay oven tandoor recipes with thick, rich gravy. If you are looking for hot and spicy or sweet treats, there’s plenty to sample. It’s really exciting you have so much authentic cuisine diversity ready and waiting for your taste buds.

Reason Three – The People

The people of India are kind, helpful, and giving. Always willing to extend a hand to visitors and ask for nothing in return. Their hospitality is genuine and true. Just because people are cultural different doesn’t mean they aren’t open and accepting. Of course, you also need to exercise logic. There are unsafe areas in every city of the world so just stay away from them. You are in for a real treat when you get the chance to meet these amazing people face2face. Lucky you.

Reason Four – Extend your Vocabulary

Within the numerous local language dialects in India, there are at least 15 official languages spoken. Hindi and Bengali are two of the more popular Indian languages found around the world. No worries if you don’t know the language of the lands because lots of people in the big cities speak English. It is a great move to at least learn some Indian.  Just shows the locals you are respectful and trying. A fabulous gestures to the country and the people. And don’t take offense when they laugh at your attempt because chances are you aren’t going to sound like the locals.

Reason Five – Active Yoga

Indian people are big into mental, physical, and spiritual practices. The belief where a mind-body balance is the essence of good health. So it makes perfect sense India is where yoga originates from. The practice of yoga, in general, is a totally different experience than you will get anywhere else. Where concentrated forms of breathing and meditation are the backbone to exercising both your body and your mind. A real treat you don’t want to miss.


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