10 Reasons to Visit India Nov 5, 2015 by Cathy (Awesome Escape Blogger)

Reason Six – Where City Meets Rural

India gives you the fast-paced, action-packed city vibe and an invitation to visit some of the sparsest village’s miles away from the cities. It’s like two totally different worlds both content living as they are, so polar opposite. You get to experience both. In the city, you’ll contend with the crowds and modern day technologies. Many of the things so popular in your regular day. However when you step into these very poor and simplistic villages, the pace comes to an abrupt halt and you can finally relax. These villagers show you that very little can make you genuinely happy. A life lesson you’ll truly appreciate.

Reason Seven – The Ganges River

The Ganges River is the holiest river in the world. Running over 2,520 kilometers from the north end of the Himalayas right through to the infamous Bay of Bengal. To the one billion plus Hindus living in India, this river signifies so much more than just a beautiful piece of nature. Not only is it their base for sustenance; industry, fishing, and agriculture, but it also symbolizes the transport of prayers to heaven and taking a dip clarifies the soul. Traditional ceremonies take place in India’s oldest city of Varanasi, and the dead are often cremated along the banks of the holiest river in the world. The belief is that when these ashes are scattered in the river the soul escapes being reborn. Which is a good thing in this faith.

Reason Eight – The Taj Mahal

You knew this one was coming. Officially one of the 7 wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal is probably the most famous monument in the world. Emperor Shah Jahan built this spectacular work of art as a monument to his wife, considered a “teardrop on the face of eternity.” Spectacular doesn’t begin to sum it up.

Reason Nine – Shopping

Whether you are searching for hidden treasures in the lush and alive silk garment clothing styles, hand woven classics, embroidered works of art, or traditional western brands, with typically low Indian prices there’s something for everyone. Take your time searching through the local shops. You’ll be surprised the fantastic bargains to be had when you do a little investigative research. Authentic people with fantastic buys. What more could you ask for?

Reason Ten – Breathtaking Beaches

Whether you are looking to bask in the sunshine glory of the beaches or head up into the mountains, these are two places you don’t want to miss on your visit to India. The southern tip of Kanyakumari is a spectacular place to see the sunset. Or you can make your way to the Himalayan River to dip your toes in the icy cold if you dare. A magical medley of topography that’s going to give you happy memories that last a lifetime. 

There you have it. Ten inspiring and alive reason to make India you vacation destination of choice. Go ahead and start making your reservations.

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