10 Reasons to Visit Hawaii Nov 11, 2015 by Cathy (Awesome Escape Blogger)

It’s funny how beautiful Hawaii always seems to pop up as a vacation destination many people dream of visiting. Recognized as a romantic honeymooner’s paradise and destination wedding hot spot, but there’s so much more to be discovered on these magical Hawaiian Islands than just the beaches. This U.S. state in the Central Pacific is technically an isolated volcanic archipelago. The tiny islands that make up Hawaii are recognized for their breathtaking waterfalls, dynamic cliffs, rugged terrain, diverse and alive tropical foliage and wildlife, and fabulous beaches of gold, green, red, and black sand. There are 6 central or main islands. Hawaii’s only large city is Oahu; Honolulu is where you’ll find the famous Waikiki Beach and Pearl Harbor memories. The population is almost 1.5 million and it became a state way back in 1959. Here’s why you’ve gotta visit beautiful Hawaii.

No Beach Limitations

If you’ve traveled around the world to prime beach destinations, you’ve probably discovered there are plenty of spots you can’t go because they are owned by famous people. The good news is that all beaches are public in Hawaii; which means you can pretty much plunk yourself down anywhere you like. Word has it on the street that celebs including Oprah, Ben Stiller, Bette Midler, and Pierce Brosnan all own luxury beachfront property here. Who knows, if you’re timing is right you might be sunbathing with the stars.

Calling All Surfers.

Hawaii is the birthplace of surfing. Whether you are skilled with the waves or want to test your wits for the first some, there are waves for everyone. In 1779 was the first recording of surfing, on Big Island by a crew member of Captain Cook. Surfing used to be reserved for Hawaiian royalty, but, of course, anyone can do it now – and that includes you.

You Come Face to Face With Tallest Mountain

Mauna Kea – Hawaii’s highest point is technically the world’s tallest mountain when measured from the base of the mountain to the peak. It rises almost 14,000 feet above sea level, but most remains beneath the sea. When you add it all up, you get 33,500 feet, which is more than twice the size of Mt Everest from base to peak. Incredible.

Meet Barack Obama

Hawaii is the birthplace of President Obama and every winter his family returns here for their vacation. They stay in his 5,000 square foot plantation home that he rents on Paradise Point on Oahu. This is a lifetime away from the low-income apartment building he shared with his mother right smack dab in downtown Honolulu. If you take the Obama tour, you can actually see it and learn a little more about the details.

Television Shows and Movies LOVE Hawaii

There’s just something special about Hawaii that draws everybody near. Maui, Oahu, and Kauai Islands are all home to big-time movie productions and television hit shows. There’s one specialty spot – Kualoa Ranch – that’s got spectacular views – where the shoots for Godzilla, Jurassic Park, Lost, and 50 First Dates took place. And as a kid I remember watching Fantasy Island that was shot in Hawaii. Loved that show and the scenery.


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