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I don’t know about you, but I have my limitations when it comes to paying for a hotel room. $65,000 dollars for ONE night could put a kid through college, give 100 school children breakfast club for a whole year. It’s not just the cost of the luxury hotel room that dings. When you are staying at these overly-posh palaces you’ve gotta have the designer luggage, fancy car, expensive clothes, and at some point you’re expected to eat in these over-priced dining establishments that cost you hundreds no matter what you’re ordering. Let’s have a good look at the menu so we can drool a little more.

Turkey – Mardan Palace Hotel

This breathtaking piece of awesome was built by Russian billionaire Telman Ismailov in 2009 costing a whopping 1.65 billion. It features a swimming pool that fits a thousand people, the largest in the Mediterranean. This exclusive hotel in Europe boasts all the extravagances you might expect – incredibly beautiful interiors built with gold, imported marble, and other specialty metals and stone. There are 10 restaurants from which to choose, 17 bars, an exquisite spa, and a deep set aquarium loaded with tropical fish. We’re not done yet. For the beach, 9,000 tons of virgin white sand was flown in from Egypt. You also get a 24-hour butler included with your room.

Dubai – Burj Al Arab Hotel

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A spectacular sight to see, this stunning piece of architecture was designed to resemble a billowing sail. Making it the most photographed luxury hotel in the world. Each hotel room is a luxury suite – with innovative and alive everything – not to mention the stunning view.

You also have access to hovering tennis courts, a helicopter pad to fly in, and a diverse abundance of modern restaurants and nightclub adventure. The in-room privileges follow suit – with a 24-hour butler, limousine service from the Rolls Royce fleet, and an in-suite check-in to make sure all your wishes have been serviced fully.

New York City – The Plaza

In the Big Apple, there are plenty of upscale hotels from which to choose – where celebrities, VIPs, and royalty traditionally frequent. The Plaza has been coined the cream of the crop in NYC – boasting spectacular views of Manhattan. This magnificent luxury elite hotel has a Royal Plaza Suite that’s got a gym, formal dining room, library, grand piano, butler pantry, full kitchen; if you happen to bring your own chef, and a private elevator. Make note when you book this suite a service butler is included. No doubt the tip isn’t and that’s probably going to set you back the full cost of a night in a “normal” 5-star hotel. This spectacular hotel was crafted in 1907 and gained National Historic Landmark status in 1969. An expensive piece of history indeed.


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