Top Luxury Hotels Nov 11, 2015 by Cathy (Awesome Escape Blogger)

Las Vegas, Palms

People with millions to play with come to The City That Never Stops to spend their wealth on ridiculous extravagance. When you’re dropping thousands of dollars at blackjack or on the hundred dollar slots, you’ve no choice but to walk the walk in one of the “out of this universe” rooftop suites at the Palms.  If you choose the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, you can bring up to 250 guests to your massive party. Included are a ginormous hot tub overlooking the city, private glass elevator, sauna, gym, rotating bed, movie room, and, of course, a full-size bar loaded with all the extras. This will set you back 40 grand a night.

Cannes – Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez

Here you can bask in the glory of a gigantic Art Deco designed penthouse that gives you a priceless picture-perfect view of the majestic Bay of Cannes. It’s actually the 4th most expensive suite in the world, with a price tag of $37,500 per night. Included is a 3,100 square foot Terrence; equipped with a Jacuzzi and, of course, the view.

If you are looking for indoor activities, you can relax in the sauna, enjoy the walk-in shower and marble tub, do some work in the business center, or test out the dining rooms that are stocked and loaded. If you want to mingle with the other guests, you can dine at the La Palme d’Or, sip a beverage at the piano bar, or breathe in the fresh air on the private beach.

Geneva – Hotel President Wilson

If you stay here, you are guaranteed bulletproof security. This hotel is where millionaire filmmakers, the Pope, Presidents, and heads of state hang out. It’s only going to set you back around $65,000 a night. In the Royale Penthouse Suite you get the whole floor with 12 luxurious rooms; each with a private bathroom, surround sound system, private balcony, monstrous 103-inch flat screen, gym, Jacuzzi, pool table, and grand piano. You also get a personal chef, butler, and personal assistant; each ready and willing 24/7. Add to that a safe you can literally fit a person in and an unbelievable view of Lake Geneva and the Alps.

These are a handful of some the most lavish and pricey hotels in the world. Every single one built with character and heritage, paying close attention to the fine details and finishing touches that keep their high-rolling clientele coming back for more. 

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