Seven Most Expensive Restaurants Around the World Jan 11, 2016 by Sarah (Awesome Escape Blogger)

Maison Pic

Maison Pic

Maison Pic won its first three-star Michelin rating back in 1934 under Chef Andre Pic. It won three stars again 1973 under Andre’s son, Jacques Pic. Today, Maison Pic won three stars by Anne-Sophie Pic, the third member of the family to head the restaurant. Anne-Sophie took over when her father died unexpectedly, and she never finished her formal training, but cooking runs in the family! Now, she’s considered the best female chef in the world and Maison Pic is her top restaurant. Located in Valence, France, the restaurant features classics from when it first opened, created by Anne-Sophie’s father and grandfather modernized and adapted with new finishes. A dinner at Maison Pic will cost a patron roughly $430. But you can also purchase a selection of Anne-Sophie Pic’s amazing creations (spices, jams, wines) at her boutiques and get a little taste of this modern French master.

L’Hotel de Ville Crissier

Restaurant Crissier

This Michelin-star restaurant is located in an iconic hotel in Crissier, Switzerland. The most recent, Chef Benoit Violier, has maintained the hotel’s impeccable style and traditional cuisine. The restaurant uses the highest quality of produce from Switzerland and France, and they source fish from Leman Lake, and cheese and meat from Fribourg Canton. Chef Violier creates deceptively simple meals centered on their local finds, reflecting the stellar quality of the produce. A dinner at Hotel de Ville will cost around $370 per person.

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