Top 5 Most Relaxing Resorts In The World Mar 14, 2016 by Sarah (Awesome Escape Blogger)

One&Only Hayman Island, Australia

One&Only Resorts

What’s more relaxing than having your own private island in the Great Barrier Reef? This resort is relatively new, having opened in 2014, and they have suites, villas, and penthouses that you can rent for your vacation. There are expansive pools, endless beaches, and picture-perfect gardens. You can hang out in a spa, your own villa, explore the reef, or rent a boat - the options for your relaxing vacation are endless at this resort.

Jade Mountain, St. Lucia

Jade Mountain Resort

This Caribbean resort rises above the beaches of St. Lucia and comes with the most spectacular views of the stunning island. Architect Nick Troubetzkoy built in harmony with the environment, a series of towers and balconies peeking out of the emerald foliage with isolated suites and lookouts connected by bridges to the main building. The privacy of this resort is top notch, so you’ll be able to keep to yourself while on your relaxing vacation. Jade Mountain is a tech-free zone, so even if you wanted to connect you wouldn’t be allowed!

Rest, relaxation, and privacy abound at these spectacular resorts. And if you can't tear yourself away from your hectic schedule, try and treat yourself to a staycation or spa weekend! Turn off those devices and just get away from it all.

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