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Your Phone is Essentially your Wallet

We are well on our way already. Google and Apple have created the next technology, along with the banks, to sync all your finances with your phone; meaning you have instant access when you need it. Heck, you can even deposit your checks now just by taking a picture.

Networking on the Fly?

Talk about an awesome tool for getting connected. There are programs out there to sit you beside a business leader while they are flying to events in different parts of the world. It’s a “meet and seat” program that maximizes your time spent flying, by boosting your network connections. A brilliant move if you ask me. Although this also means you really can’t get any rest, not even a nice no-brainer snooze on the airplane while you are jetting off to your next meeting.

Automated Giving Back

It really is all about giving back to the less fortunate; no matter what your income is. The great news is that many travel companies donate a percentage of profits to worthy causes. Even some hotels are using a certain percentage of rooms and donating that revenue to things like cancer research and building orphanages in third world countries. Lastly, another amazing give-back is more awareness towards bringing an extra suitcase to your destination to donate to local communities. For instance, if you are traveling to Cuba you can bring extra clothing, toys, and school supplies for the Cuban children and families.

Step Up Above First Class Seating

Sorbis /

Luxury seating seems to be in high demand as a handful of international airlines have raised the bar by offering a premium seating for its golden travelers. Singapore Airlines calls it fourth class and you’re not going to believe the perks. More leg room and seat lay-back, separate privacy dividers, comfier seats, a leg lift, tasty meals, and access to airport lounges with perks.

Swift Boarding with Less Backaches

When it comes to streamlining the boarding process, it’s Boeing that leads the pack. They’ve engineered overhead storage that holds almost 50% more carry-ons, and they are lower to the ground so you don’t have to wrench your back trying to toss your extras in. Or if you are short you get the opportunity to do it all by yourself.

You’ve Gotta Hate When You’re Denied at the Restaurant

It really does suck when your heart is set on eating at your favorite New York restaurant and they are fully booked. Some upscale places actually take zero walk-ins and are booked solid weeks in advance. Never fear because more and more of these restaurants are taking to the online world to pad their pockets even more. There are new apps on the scene that can get you into that fully booked restaurant the same day for a nominal fee. So for around $25 bucks you can eat to your hearts content and get seen with the trendy crowd. Restaurants either re-sell reservations or block off the in-demand inventory of partnering establishments. Pretty brilliant if you ask me.

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