The Best Eats In San Diego Mar 21, 2016 by Sarah (Awesome Escape Blogger)

San Diego is known for its warm weather, sandy beaches, and beautiful parks. But we’re adding great eats to the list of reasons to hang out in the southern California sun. There are some seriously amazing places for foodies in San Diego, so check out this list of hot eateries and our favorite dishes.

Donut Bar: Ice Cream Donut

Donut Bar / Facebook

This is probably the best donut shop in San Diego. There’s almost always a line, but it’s so worth it for one of these mouth-watering donuts. Donut Bar can be found coast-to-coast, it’s true, but they’re popular for a very good reason. They offer unique flavors such as candied pineapple and peach fritter. But our two favorites are the crème brulee donut, with a gooey, delicious inside and a perfectly crispy top, and the ice cream donut, which is probably the best way to eat ice cream ever invented.

BO-Beau Kitchen + Bar: Brussels Sprouts

BO-Beau Kitchen + Bar

Brussels Sprouts are no longer the vegetable that makes you turn up your nose. BO-Beau Kitchen and Bar roasts these beauties with pancetta and balsamic and as soon as you try this version of your “least favorite” vegetable they’ll quickly become your new first favorite. The food and the rustic interior are inspired by a cottage in the south of France, so mow down on some sprouts and toss in some charcuterie, mussels, and frites!

Urban Solace: Duckaroni

Urban Solace

Urban Solace serves up modern takes on American classics, and this is the adult version of boxed mac and cheese. It’s delicious duck confit mac and cheese served piping hot as a side dish to one of their amazing main attractions. Whether it’s a gourmet burgers or the cocoa crusted pork belly, they have a variety of classic dishes that are all done with a unique twist served with boutique wines and craft beers. This place won’t disappoint.

The Baked Bear: Ice Cream Sandwich

The Baked Bear / Facebook

When you revisit your childhood dreams, The Baked Bear is where you should go. They have a unique twist on the classic ice cream sandwich that allows you to build you own, from the base (whether you want a cookie, a brownie, a donut, or some combination), the ice cream, and even the topping! You can make your very own personalized ice cream sandwich at the original location in San Diego.


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