The Best Eats In San Diego Mar 21, 2016 by Sarah (Awesome Escape Blogger)

Lucha Libre: Surf n’ Turf Burrito

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Lucha Libre sets itself apart from other Mexican restaurants in San Diego for two reasons: wrestling and seafood. This entertaining taco shop has two locations in Mission Hills and North Park, and both of them embrace the gaudy fun of masked wrestlers or “luchadores.” Walking into Lucha Libre feels like you’re sitting down in a gilded booth at a flashy wrestling event! But don’t be fooled by the fun exterior, in the kitchen, they’re all hard work. You can get the best of California’s fresh ingredients when you order a surf n’ turf in a burrito.

Hash House A Go Go: The BBBLT

Hash House

Hash House A Go Go always has a lineup of hungry souls waiting to get inside. They serve massive portions of homegrown goodness, so sharing with friends is always necessary. You have to try some of their breakfast and lunch classics with a twist. For simpler fare, try a BBBLT - Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato! And their take on chicken and waffles is gigantic and complex, mixing sage chicken with smoked bacon waffles, or have at as a Benedict slathered in sauce! Now that’s brunch, people.

Up2You: Brick Toast

Up2you / Facebook

Order this buttery block of toast served with different toppings like ice cream and fruits, and while you’re nibbling on this you can also sip milk out of a mason jar. Up2You is a modern dessert paradise, with sleek, minimalist interior and sleek, delicious dishes including waffles, crepes, tea, and coffee with a dessert twist. This place is a favorite amongst college students, as the seating area has lounge seating and games for everyone to play.

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