The 5 Best Summer Food Fads Jul 6, 2017 by James (Awesome Escape Blogger)

When the summer rolls around, we expect all sorts of fun ways to explore our hometowns and our travel destinations. Beaches, parks, museums, and, of course, food. Sure, the outdoors are going to be amazing, but what’s a good trip without lots of food? Summer is incomplete without trying out new restaurants, new drinks, and new food trucks. Every summer has its own fads when it comes to food. If you are fixing for a good time this summer, here are a few food trends to try out at home and on your travels.

1. Breakfast Every Day, Every Time

This concept has been around for a while now, but you can certainly expect your favorite food chain to go all out this summer. This is a time of endless fun and activity, so do not shy away from heading out and grabbing your breakfast in the middle of the day. What you need to brace up for is the fact that the breakfast you get will be (literally) harder than what you are used to at the moment. Instead of soft eggs and oatmeal, you are likely to experience a far crunchier menu featuring more ancient grains and seeds and fun dishes like fried chicken and crispy chorizo! Try out a new brunch spot, grab a breakfast burrito from a food truck, and try this one out for yourself.

2. Frappes

The Frappuccino bug is about to hit everyone out there in a big way. These delicious bevies are stylish and perfect for a hot summer day. The reason we are so confident about this is that Starbucks has had quite a year so far, catching the world by storm first with their Unicorn frappes and then a series of specialty drinks that caught fire online. Expect the chain to keep breaking Instagram-and pretty much every other single social media platform. Make sure to take your own picks on your travels with some amazing backgrounds.

3. Matcha

We are not trying to imply that this has never been done before. However, after a busy day on the beach, hiking, or biking, you are going to want to kick back with your favorite green cup The thing about matcha is that it stays as cool as the summer excitement. It is the perfect drink to have on hand whether you are out camping or just hanging about with friends and family. Don’t forget that matcha comes with a truckload of health benefits—and we all need to get some of that energy back after a long day out there in the sun.

4. Healthy Snacks

This summer, we are going to be noticing that mealtimes are blurring. If you are hiking on a trail or exploring the streets of a new city, you won’t necessarily stop and eat each separate meal like you would during the workday. That’s okay, load up on some healthy snacks and have them when you can. Whatever you pack up, you will need to make sure that it is low on sugar and high on proteins. The chances are that pretty much everyone will be sold on snacks this summer.

5. Sea Vegetables

Vegetables straight from the ocean, like dulse and nori, are going to become more mainstream this summer. This will work better if you are a vegetarian, but don’t skip out on this nautical trend if you’re eating meat. Explore the edibles that come from the ocean in the Newfoundland or Iceland, where dulse is a common snack food. Load up on seaweed salad and nori in Japan or California. It’s healthy and, even if you don’t like it, it can be a funny story from travels.



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