Dining In The Dark Around The World Apr 12, 2016 by Sarah (Awesome Escape Blogger)

Dining in the dark is the latest culinary trend sweeping across the world. Yes, that is correct, dining in complete darkness. The concept of eating in the pitch black first started in Zurich under the direction of Jorge Spielmann. Spielmann would have guests to his house and would have some wear blindfolds while they ate. Guests found that wearing blindfolds increased their sense of taste and smell. That gave Spielmann the idea to open a restaurant where diners ate in the dark in 1999. Since then, many people have copied the concept and opened “dining in the dark” restaurants around the world; here are the latest restaurants offering this intriguing culinary experience.

The Blindekuh, Zurich


The Blindekuh translates into English as “The Blind Cow,” and it is the first “dining in the dark” restaurant in the world founded by Jorge Spielmann in Zurich. Not only was it the world’s first dark restaurant, but also it’s the first restaurant to have an entirely blind wait staff. They serve lunch and dinner, and the waiters guide you through the entire meal, so you aren’t stabbing yourself with a fork.

The Whale Inside, Beijing

The original hugely successful restaurant opened in 2007 and since then the owners opened two more locations in different cities in China. It’s become incredibly popular for first dates, especially for couples who have met online. For the owners the total darkness is similar to being “in the belly of a whale,” and the staff at this restaurant wear night vision goggles while they serve so they can see what you’re doing and where to set the food.

Nocti Vagus, Berlin

Nocti Vagus / Facebook

At Nocti Vagus, patrons not only experience dining in the complete darkness but they get a dinner show as well. Entertainment includes jazz bands, plays, dramatic readings, comedy acts, and more, there’s always something going on at Nocti Vagus. It can be a mysterious and thrilling experience to try and sense what will happen next on the stage while you're dining. There are different courses that you can choose from while you’re there, but if you want to stick with the theme you can order a surprise dish, so you’ll have to guess what you’re eating from taste alone.


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