5 Amazing Places to Propose May 11, 2017 by Nicole (Awesome Escape Blogger)

Picture the scene: you’ve had a great day with your partner. The day has been picture perfect, almost like a script straight out of Hollywood. Your whole being is itching to pop the question and propose! But are you in the right place at the right time? Marriage proposals should make for a memorable story that you can retell a hundred times without losing their charm. There are many creative ideas out there but finding the perfect spot is quite the task. Prince William had to travel to Kenya to find the perfect place to propose! He did it in an isolated log cabin where no one could get to them but by helicopter, the perfect destination for his proposal. While we all can’t travel to Kenya, here are five amazing places to propose to your partner.

1. On a Mountaintop

Mountains have their own sort of enchantment, with amazing views, clean air, and a giddy sense of accomplishment. The climb can bring you closer together: the effort will brighten your complexion and release endorphins, both of which work to your favor. Pick a climb that won’t take you the whole day and once you are up there, pop the question—don’t forget to bring the ring and something to celebrate with! It will feel like the whole world aligned under your feet just for this moment. Cradle Mountain in Tasmania would be a fine place to start, but you can always check out local mountain trails or state parks.

2. Under the Stars

Star-gazing spots are just perfect for a proposal. Star gazing will lull you into the right mood and comfortable conversation; just make sure you don’t miss your cue. Think about it for a second; wouldn’t it be great to wish for the perfect marriage when a shooting star passes by? You can always check the calendar for meteor showers and other beautiful astronomical events. It’s the stuff of Disney movies! You just have to hope and pray it’s not cloudy.

3. The Place You First Met

This brings all the memories flooding back and gets both of you in a lovey-dovey mood. As you recall how both of you were nervous and flustered, the moment will present itself. If you’re lucky, it’s a place close by, and you don’t have to spend much to get there. If not, turn your proposal into a vacation.

4. Flower Gardens

A flower garden is another scene that makes for a romantic proposal. A spring garden is a blitz of fragrance and color. What’s to stop you from popping the question when you are surrounded by such beauty? What better way to spark romance than by proposing surrounded by roses, hyacinths, and tulips? It’s the place for your love to blossom anew.

5. Castles

Nothing beats a fairy-tale castle if we are talking romantic locations. You’ve seen it in the movies, now is your chance to live it. If money is no object, you might want to do it at the most romantic castle; Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, Germany. A castle can transform the whole experience into a fairytale for both of you, what’s more; there is very little chance that your partner will say no! Europe abounds with romantic castles; romantic partners in the United States and Canada might have to settle for famous mansions or cute estates.

These days, it’s natural for partners to discuss the idea of proposing and getting married in advance. It’s always better to know you’re on the same page as your significant other. But that doesn’t mean you can’t inject a spark of romance and wonder into the actual question! These are just some ideas that work for a proposal. Hopefully, one of them suits you. If this gives you an idea of your own, this is the time to try it out!



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