Travel Gift Ideas Nov 27, 2015 by Cathy (Awesome Escape Blogger)

You might not think about getting someone a gift who’s heading off for a bit of rest and relaxation, but it’s a really sweet gesture. Shows them you’re thinking about them and that’s awesome. The hard part here is picking out a useful, practical, and versatile gift that’s going to make their travels that much more enjoyable; put a smile on their face. The more unusual, the better. And although people seem to think more expensive is better, you don’t need to go crazy on the spending. Even if this person seems to have everything you just need to get creative. Here’s a list of a few very clever gift ideas to grab your friend, partner, or family member before their departure.

Solar Powered Charger and Light

This neat and discreet power charger takes advantage of the sun to charge up your device via USB port when traveling the world. Takes just 2 hours to get a full charge. Useful for power outages, camping, or when you are lying on the beach and notice your phone is just about dead. This charger is about the size of your phone so you never have to worry about it taking up more space than it’s worth. And saving the best for last, for every one of these chargers you gift, a light is donated to people throughout the world that don’t have electricity.

Fix-It-Sticks Tool

When you’re traveling you just never know when you’re going to need to fix something. Wheels come loose on luggage or the doorknob on your hotel door might come loose, among a list a mile long of other reasons a handy multipurpose tool could just save your bacon. This compact fix-it tool is lightweight and discreet, and most important it’s plain old simple to use. There’s no need to lug around your tool box on your travels when you’ve got this handy tool in your pocket. Another thoughtful and extremely useful tool for anyone you know that’s set to travel.

A Porta Chair Harness for Infant Travelers

It really is a pain in the rear if you’re traveling with infants and you’re always searching for places with a suitable high-chair; either that or you’ve got to lug your own around. Just not doable sometimes. So if you have a friend that’s traveling with a little one 5 months or older, the perfect “kiss off” is this versatile, machine washable infant harness. It straps securely and safely to just about any adult chair, with a 5 point harness as a bonus. It can be stuffed into a carry bag easily because it doesn’t take up any space. A lifesaver and the perfect gift for anyone traveling with a baby.

Scratch Travel Journal

Any old journal will do, but a Scratch Travel Journal really does take the cake. This is no ordinary journal. You get the functionality of a travel planner with a checklist, diary, interpretive map, and international translator; the ultimate journal to make the most of your traveling adventure. A truly awesome heartfelt gift for someone you know that’s heading off to vacation land.

Hmmm…Old Fashioned Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Not so sure about this travel idea but it’s definitely unusual. This little kit sales through security and sets you up for two people. You get pure cane sugar, small batch bitters, and a tiny bar spoon. All you need is to order up a mini bottle of rye and you’ve got your cocktail in a kit. The tumbler container also adds some class to your own “take with me” mini bar. A great gift that’s going to make a couple of flyer’s HAPPY.


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