Travel Gift Ideas Nov 27, 2015 by Cathy (Awesome Escape Blogger)

Backpack for Picnics

This is a really neat travel gift for a travel friend that might be looking for a little one on one time with that special someone. This neat and discreet backpack for two makes it super easy to take your lunch with everything you need to dine in style. You get plates, utensils, napkins and cups, and a handy wine key. There’s also insulation to keep the warm food warm and the cold stuff cold. Handy is the sectioned cell phone pouch on the outside of the strap. Everything you need to make your travels extra special.

Water-Power Jetpack

Switching gears and stepping into the luxury travel gifts up for grabs. How about wowing your traveler friend bound for the beaches with an awesome jetpack. Where you either look super macho or like a seal having seizures. This baby is powered up with a 4-stroke engine that literally gives you the power to fly way up high in the sky over water. No worries about flying way off into the sunset because you are tethered to the water; with just forward, reverse, and neutral to figure out. Your generosity will only set your back about $180,000.

How About Keeping it Simple with a New iPhone?

This isn’t just any iPhone. For just 9 million you can gift this custom designed Elite Gold iPhone designed by Stuart Hughes. Featuring 500 individual diamonds, solid platinum, T-Rex bones, quartz, opals, 24-carat gold, and so forth. Wonder what happens when it’s time for the yearly upgrade? And yes, it’s still going to drop calls.

Video Eyewear

These eyeglasses are awesome for transforming a boring flight into a “62-inch” experience without the hassle. When you slide these sunglasses on the vision you get is comparable to watching a 62-inch television. It’s powered by two AA batteries for up to 6 hours; the only other thing you need is any device with a video out port. There are settings to adjust the focus if you’ve got glasses or contacts and that’s it. Just $350 to put a smile on the traveler you have in mind.


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