These Are the Four Best Rum Distillery Tours In Jamaica Jun 30, 2017 by Nicole (Awesome Escape Blogger)

No trip to Jamaica is complete without a rum distillery tour. There are several distilleries that offer tours, and no two tours are exactly alike. While everyone wants to see how the locals make the magic happen, you want to go on the tour that's right for you. Here are our picks for the top distillery tours in Jamaica:

1. Hampden Estate

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Hampden Estate hasn't changed its rum-making process in more than 250 years. On this tour, enjoy the beauty of Hampden's magnificent and sprawling estate and relax in the Hampden Great House while you sample rum and learn about the distillery process. Estate makes a variety of gold and white rum products for a diverse audience to enjoy. In addition to direct sales, they sell to other producers who use their rum in a variety of products including coffees, perfumes and egg nog. You must wear proper footwear on this tour and be at least eighteen years old because it's an operating distillery. Most tours are in the late morning, and lunch is included. Check for wheelchair accessibility before you go because not all parts of the tour are accessible. Reservations are recommended.

2. Worthy Park Estate

Worthy Park Estate

If you prefer something that's off the beaten path, consider a tour of Worthy Park Estate. This distillery offers stunning views and a large estate. This distillery produces white, overproof rum that's distilled in pure copper pots. They pride themselves on a variety of tastes and products, and they also offer rum cream and a vodka product. If you're interested in subtle variety, this is a great pick for your distillery tour while in Jamaica.

3. Rum Jungle

If just tasting rum is more your style, you can stay in Montego Bay and enjoy the festive and famous Rum Jungle. The Rum Jungle offers a unique location to enjoy the best of Jamaica's rum and world-class entertainment. Theme nights keep it lively, and they have a wide variety of rums to choose from. Your bartender or waitress just might put on a show. There's a reason that people travel from all over the world to go to Rum Jungle in Jamaica.

4. Appleton Estates

Appleton Rum Tour

Appleton Estates is one of the oldest distilleries in Jamaica. Documentation puts the distillery back at least to 1749, but the locals claim it might be as old as 1655. They grow sugarcane right on their estate, and they have a proprietary distillation and blending method perfected over centuries. Learn how early locals extracted juice from the sugar cane, the aging process, and their different varieties of rum. They age their rum in forty-gallon oak barrels for maximum flavor. Of course, samples are an important part of the tour while you watch the rum-making process in action. The estate still has quite a bit of old production machinery, so your visit is also a tour of Jamaica’s industrial history. The estate is not too far from popular Montego Bay. Check for availability from Appleton as the tour might be closed during the distillery’s renovations.

Rum is an integral part of Jamaica’s history and culture. Enjoy a tour and tasting while you’re visiting this gorgeous island.



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