The 8 Great American Cities When You're in Your Twenties Feb 1, 2016 by Sarah (Awesome Escape Blogger)

Being in your twenties is all about new experiences, moving out on your own, renting your first apartment, and really finding out what life is all about. While some people choose to stay close to home, you can also venture out on your own and move outside the city you call home. If you’re thinking of moving to the big city, or are just looking for a change, here are some great cities in the United States that are perfect for all twenty-somethings!

Portland, OR

Portland has an array of things that are suitable for a twenty-something, it’s no wonder it’s a popular destination for millennials right now! The microbrewery scene is becoming more and more popular along with the beer and wine festivals! The art and culture scene is also bustling, and it’s such a great city if you’re into activities such as cycling and dog walking with tons of parks and trails. Portland is also famous for having the cutest coffee shops where everyone wants to get to know who you are! And you don’t need a car to get to your favorite café, as Portland has some of the best public transit and bike lanes in America. Portland is perfect for anyone who just wants to be a little weird!

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco might be an expensive city to live in, but if you have a job that takes you to the Bay Area you’re in luck. The city is full of really great bars and breweries to frequent! It has a great walking scene (to let the effect of all those bars wear off) especially with the amount of hills they have. It has an abundance of outdoor activities in some of the country’s best public parks, especially Golden Gate Park. Beer and wine, art, culture, technology - if you have the money (or the credit), San Francisco is one of the best cities to spend your twenties. Besides, being twenty is all about being broke, right?

New York, NY

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As cliché as it sounds, packing up and moving to New York City has many advantages that are great for twenty-somethings. This is the city where dreams are made. Not only is the city extremely walkable with decent public transit, but you'll also never feel like you’re alone in NYC, there are so many things that are right at your fingertips and everything is so convenient! It may be too pricey to live in downtown Manhattan, but living in Brooklyn or Queens is more affordable. Need we really say more? It’s New York.

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta has some great weather and is definitely a city to consider if you’re looking to get away from winter. If you’re looking for your first job, definitely keep Atlanta in your mind, as the average starting salary here is about $48,000! If you love art, this is a great city for you because not only is street art allowed, it’s very much encouraged. And for those foodies, Atlanta is known for the seven-mile stretch of Buford Highway packed with restaurants from around the world – everything from dim sum to tacos.


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