Looking to Move Abroad? Top Places to Live Overseas Nov 27, 2015 by Cathy (Awesome Escape Blogger)

Fantastic – Taiwan

Taiwan is described as having an affordable living, strong healthcare, and an exciting and alive culture, making this relocation an excellent pick for expats. A highlight is just how well foreigners mold into the culture and enjoy being part of the experience. Food is also an honorable mention, where 85% of expats love the local cuisine and vibrant markets. Unfortunately, there are some pretty strong downsides. The work-life balance is the pits, and childcare and housing are quite weak. Tough call just because the cultural experience is extraordinary.

New Zealand

The quality of life for children in New Zealand is excellent and the crime rate is relatively low. This is the spot abroad if you want to bring up happy and well-rounded children. New Zealand’s government adds to the appeal by having a jazzy website specifically to invite expats in. Unfortunately, there’s always a flip side to the coin that’s gotta spoil the parade. Disposable income ranks low, which is very discouraging for foreigners looking to relocate.


This is another excellent location to raise kids. Germany also has a thriving economy which doesn’t hurt matters. The political stability is positive, along with a low rate of crime and safe overall environment. The downside to this move is the crappy social life and very high cost of living. This makes it a bit of a tough go for some expats.

Welcome to Switzerland

Switzerland is just like you see in the pictures. You get to enjoy skiing, the Alps, tasty cuisine, and fine chocolate, and still have a country that ranks tops in economics. Nearly ¼ of expats report making in excess of $200,000, more than twice the world average. Keep in mind salaries match the cost of living; it is pricey. Food, housing, healthcare, and your social life are going to cost you. But it’s the breathtaking scenery that steals the show. Doesn’t matter what the season because there’s always plenty to do. It’s easy to get in and out of the country and move around within. Not to mention the fact it’s close to Italy, Germany, and France.

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