Interesting Family Travel Destinations Nov 5, 2015 by Cathy (Awesome Escape Blogger)

When it comes to family, travel you want to ensure you’ve got fun for the whole family. Which can get a little difficult if you are looking to please teenagers and toddlers alike. Your toughest decision is going to be picking out which destination to jet off to first. Enough yammering…up first is door number one.

Behind door number 1 – Paris, Iie-De-France, France

Nicknamed the city of lights, this city shines magnificently for children of all ages and interests. You can set foot in the atmospheric Notre Dame and be sure to include a ride up to the top of the infamous Eiffel Tower. My suggestion is to make the climb up at night, the lights and view of the city from above will take your breath away. Don’t forget about Disneyland Paris. It’s a mini version compared to Disney world, Orlando, but it’s still loads of adventurous fun for the whole family. The Louver is also one of those destinations you want to visit at least once in your life. The younger ones may appreciate it more if you have them do some research on it before you get there. That will definitely add a dash of significance. It goes without saying the food in Paris is formidable. Join the locals by taking a seat in one of the street cafes and people watch. Just be wary there is a charge on most patios even for just sitting. Paris is definitely a vacation spot to consider.

Behind door number 2 – Aruba, Caribbean

Fantabulous weather and crystal clear water are just two draws of this exotic and alive family vacation destination. Here you will find snorkeling, jeep safaris, banana boating, swimming, fishing, hiking, and quad racing tours. You can choose from luxurious beach resort and spa accommodation to luxury villas that will fit any budget. Kids programs run daily at some of the bigger resorts and babysitting is also available. Just be sure to inquire before you book.  So much to do and so little time is what you get in fantastic Aruba.

Behind door number 3 – Munich, Bavaria, Germany

After visiting the practical and alive Deutsches Museum, the world’s biggest technological museum, and its vast array of intricate pulleys, buttons and switches, you’ll want to explore the spectacular real-life fairytale palaces of good old Mad King Ludwig. The stories behind these walls will last a lifetime. For some a reality check, you should slip over to the Dachau concentration camp, where you will get up close and personal with the horrendous lessons of times past. Did you know that Munich was basically completely destroyed amidst the two world wars? Amazing even after that, how much historical significance remains. Yours to discover and definitely a vacations destination you and your family should explore.

Behind door number 4 – Maui, Hawaii, U.S.

Whether you choose to plant yourself on ginormous volcanic craters or bask on the beautiful island beaches, you’ll have a fabulous time enjoying all the adventure Maui has to offer by bike, boat, foot, submarine, helicopter or plane. The kids will love visiting ocean center’s turtle lagoon and the hammerheads in hammerhead harbor. Then you can lose yourself in the magnificent sight of the sun rising on top of a 10,000-foot volcano. After which the kids can burn off some energy swimming underneath the waterfalls and then take a must deserved rest on the warm black sand beaches while perhaps enjoying a nice nap. Surfing and windsurfing are the norms here. And if you prefer to stay on land you can golf, shop, hike, visit the museums and wineries, and, of course, dine on exquisite traditional cooking. A destination that’s guaranteed to please everyone.


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