Top 5 Places to See in Stockholm May 16, 2017 by Nicole (Awesome Escape Blogger)

Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, filled with both innovative contemporary architecture and medieval buildings. Located on fourteen islands, 1/3 of the city is streams and bays, and another 1/3 is woodlands and parks. Stockholm is among Europe’s healthiest cities and an awesome destination for a vacation.

1. Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is situated on the island of Stadsholmen and is famous for its colorful buildings, cozy restaurants, winding cobblestone streets, and great boutiques. Gamla Stan is among the prettiest places in Stockholm next to the picturesque islands of Stromsborg, Riddarholmen, and Helgeandsholmen. You can take a tour through a maze of winding medieval alleyways, ancient churches, and small squares around the Stockholm Cathedral, the Royal Palace, and the Den Gyldene Freden—a restaurant that has been in business since the year 1722.

2. Vasa Museum

Vasa Museum

The Vasa Museum is the most visited museum in Stockholm and an absolute a must see. The maritime museum’s most popular exhibit is a restored 17th-century warship known as the Vasa that sank in the year 1628 on its maiden voyage. The beautiful warship is decorated with more than 700 ornate figures and gilded ornaments. The Vasa museum is located on Djurgården Island.

3. Nobel Museum

The Nobel Museum was established in 1901 to document the life and works of Nobel Prize winners. Housed in a stunning 18th-century building, the museum presents amazing stories of all the Nobel Prize laureates. The educational exhibits are fun and interactive so that even kids can have a good time exploring the museum. Adults might be more interested in the guided tours that identify some of the most significant Nobel laureates and their accomplishments.

4. Skansen

Skansen is a living replica of Pre-Industrial Sweden. An open-air ethnographic museum founded in 1891, Skansen holds more than 150 farmsteads, and authentic, age-old houses relocated from other parts of Sweden, including a church and windmills that resemble life in premodern Sweden. Skansen also houses a zoo which shows animals native to Sweden such as lynxes, elks, and wolves. Located on Djurgarden Island, it is where many Swedish festivals such as Midsummer and Lucia, are celebrated. It's a great place to visit if you want to learn more about traditional Swedish life.

5. Moderna Museet

Moderna Museet

If you have a passion for modern art, then you should check out the state museum for contemporary and modern art, Moderna Museet. It's located in Skeppsholmen. Their substantial collection covers photography, film, and paintings from 1900 to the present day. Along with amazing Swedish modern art collections, you'll also find interesting international works of art here. You need to see the mysterious 1914 painting "The Child's Brain" by Italian artist Giorgio de Chirico.

The perfect city for a family vacation or a tour of the Baltic, Stockholm is clean, educational, and fun. Enjoy the city’s stunning museums, architecture, and colorful history.



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