The 5 Most Beautiful College Campuses in America Jun 19, 2017 by Nicole (Awesome Escape Blogger)

Part of the experience of going to college is enjoying a beautiful campus and all it has to offer. From spectacular landscapes and picturesque scenery to architectural designs that inspire the artistic mind, campuses across America are filled with unmatched splendor. Aside from the beautiful landscape and buildings, these colleges are also known for their academic achievements. Urbane feel and natural beauty play a big part in establishing the best campuses in the country. Somehow we’ve narrowed it down to our top five most beautiful college campuses in America.

University of Virginia

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Located in Charlottesville, the University of Virginia has a rich history and the architecture to boot. The university was founded by one of the founding fathers of the nation, Thomas Jefferson. The Jeffersonian architecture that dots the campus is what makes it so appealing. The university’s landmark building and Jefferson’s design work has been chosen as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a National Historic Landmark.

Florida State University

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Florida State University in Tallahassee may be known for its love for football, but it also ranks up there when it comes to some of the most beautiful campuses in America. The first thing that will strike you about the campus is the pretty red brick buildings, akin to decorative castles. Aside from all the fantastic buildings, there is lush greenery to take in everywhere you go. One of our favorite spots for many around the campus is the Zen garden between the Westcott Fountain and the Allen Music Library. It is an oasis of calm where you can just sit and enjoy your surroundings. It is no small feat to keep the campus looking so scenic all year round. There is a large team that takes care of everything from irrigation, waste disposal, turf, and amenities!

Loyola Marymount University

Loyola Marymount University

That the campus is situated in Las Angeles is pretty much enough of an incentive for any student looking to have a fun-filled college experience. The campus has all the right amenities to make it the epitome of magnificence. Nearby beaches make studying here feel like a vacation, after all, not every college student can brag about surfing in the morning. Then again, the Jesuit college is highly selective, so we suspect most students will spend most of their time studying on campus. In that case, they can enjoy the sunny sunken gardens and quiet reflection in Sacred Heart Chapel and live in one of the Spanish Revival buildings.

Stanford University

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What says you are in an institution of higher learning better than traditional architecture and grand buildings? Stanford is known as one of the best schools in the world when it comes to academic excellence, and their reputation is matched by a campus of fitting grandeur. The Mission Revival main quad evokes the sun-soaked sophistication of the Spanish Colonial era with red bricks, columned walkways, and high-arched doorways. The architectural masterpiece of the main quad is the gorgeous Romanesque Stanford Memorial Church. The Hoover Tower is one of the longstanding landmarks at the heart of the massive grounds. Fair weather all-year round encourages hiking and walking in the nearby hills or a visit to the Rodin sculpture garden.

Sewanee University

Sewanee: The University of the South

How many campuses do you know that can be likened to Hogwarts? Well, this is the closest to that enchanting magic school. There are plenty of sprawling buildings in the 13,000-acre campus called the "Domain" against the backdrop of the Tennessee mountains. Gothic buildings rise out of the trees while professors teach classes in traditional gowns. It has three gorgeous chapels, especially All Saints' Chapel with beautiful stained-glass windows.

There are plenty of breathtaking sights and buildings to see all across campuses in the United States!



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