Planning a Road Trip: Vancouver Island Nov 5, 2015 by James (Awesome Escape Blogger)

Pack your bags and start your engines in Vancouver, British Columbia. This is the best place to start your Pacific Northwest road trip. Head over to Vancouver Island for camping, surfing, and ocean adventures. You can make a round trip in one day by car but we recommend taking as much time as you want in each location. Take a week and try everything! And did we mention that the Canadian dollar is at an all-time low? Take advantage of great prices and accommodations! Now that you don’t have to worry about the money, all that you have to decide is what part of your trip you loved the best. The journey may be inexpensive, but the beauty of the Pacific Northwest is priceless.

Start in Vancouver

Book a flight to Vancouver International Airport or, for cheaper flights, fly to Seattle and drive for just two hours to reach Vancouver, British Columbia. Don’t forget that you’re crossing the border so you need your passport and Canadian dollars. Next step, find a hotel and spend a night or two in Vancouver to check out the art, cuisine, beaches, and parks.


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