Planning a Road Trip: California Dec 1, 2015 by Ashleigh (Awesome Escape Blogger)

If you're in the mood to take a road trip on the West Coast, California couldn't be a better place to do it. The ocean runs the length of the entire state with majestic cedar forests in the west fading into sierra and desert-like lands in the south with palm trees and surfing. This particular itinerary aims to take travelers through the major cities along the way while stopping to take in views on the scenic highways that run south all the way to Los Angeles. A non-stop drive would take approximately 7 hours along this route, but with stops, you can make it a two-day adventure for the books.

The San Francisco Streets

What better place to start off a journey in California than in the city by the bay, San Francisco? Some tourist attractions here can be seen without ever leaving your car (think Golden Gate Bridge), but there are a few things you should definitely stop and see that aren't readily apparent when you first come to this gorgeous city in the central region of the state. If you're a music-lover, Haight Street is full of musical history as well as different random shops that are great for browsing in. The Marina District is also a hidden gem with tons of excellent seafood restaurants like Pacific Catch that serve the freshest fish and have a homey atmosphere.

San Jose Sharks

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Leave San Francisco, traveling south on US-101 to San Jose. It should take no more than an hour unless you're in heavy traffic. Here, there are plenty of interesting things to do such as catching a professional ice hockey game with the NHL's San Jose Sharks at the SAP Center during the months of October through to June. If hockey's not really your thing, simply get out and stretch your legs in the Japanese Friendship Garden down on Senter Road in the middle of the city. This green space is linked with San Jose's sister city of Okayama, Japan and features gorgeous Japanese shrubbery in addition to bridges, archways, and elms. The springtime reveals a sea of cherry blossoms. It's the best way to snap photos and get out of the car for an hour or two.


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