The 25 Most Scenic Highways in America Jun 27, 2017 by Amy (Awesome Escape Blogger)

Are you sick of fighting through traffic every time you want to go somewhere? Staring at endless rows of beige cars and concrete dividers? Next time escape the congestion and take the scenic route. These scenic highways provide gorgeous views and ample nearby activities, and you won’t have to fight to change lanes. When you take off on one of these highways, you will remember just how much fun driving can be—and just how beautiful this country truly is.

Skyline Drive, Virginia

Located inside of Shenandoah National Park, Skyline Drive offers one of the most scenic and beautiful driving experiences around. This highway is 105 miles long and runs right beside the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It has four points of entry, and it takes about three hours to travel its entire length. Of course, you will likely want to make some stops along the way, so factor that in when planning your trip. Skyline Drive has 75 overlooks, and while you don’t need to stop at them all, you should stop at a few of them so you can take in panoramic mountain views and alpine wildlife. If you prefer to stretch your legs a bit more, take off on more than 500 miles of biking and hiking trails. Most trailheads start along the highway, so park your vehicle safely and get to hiking or biking.


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