9 Unique Spas Around The World Apr 22, 2016 by Ian (Awesome Escape Blogger)

Tschuggen Bergoase Spa, Switzerland

Tschuggen Hotels

What sets the Tschuggen Bergoase apart from traditional spas in Switzerland is the unparalleled location and unique architecture. Linked to the five-star Tschuggen Grand Hotel by a glass bridge, the complex is located 5,900 feet above sea level in the Swiss Alps. Secluded in the mountains and accessible by a private railway, the hotel and spa have unbelievable views of the cliffs and valleys. Nine “light trees” crown the spa, sail-like geometric structures designed to capture and channel natural light into the four floors below. At night, the light trees are illuminated in vivid colors, casting a fantastical glow across the quaint mountainside. You can truly unwind in mountainous solitude while enjoying cutting-edge modern amenities at the Tschuggen Bergoase.

Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Spa and Fitness Center, Japan


The Ritz-Carlton is one of Tokyo’s premier luxury hotels with accommodations in the tallest building in the city, the Midtown Tower, overlooking the exciting Roppongi District. Located on the 46th floor, the hotel spa has thrilling views of the neon wonderland below. Take a relaxing bath and marvel at the hectic city below in peace. The hotel and spa combine the beauty of the Japanese landscape and traditional design with modern style and amenities, providing a top-notch wellness experience. To truly combine the old and the new, indulge in one of the spa’s green tea-infused treatments by Sodashi.

Aqua Dome Wellness Hotel, Austria

Aqua Dome Wellness Hotel

Relax after a hard day on the ski slopes at the Aqua Dome Wellness Hotel in the Otzal Mountains of Austria. While the Aqua Dome is not as refined or secluded as some smaller luxury spas, the hotel provides a more exciting and open experience. The thermal spa is located under the giant Aqua Dome with two indoor pools connected by channels to three bowl-shaped outdoor pools, steaming in the wintry air and surrounded by stark views of the forested mountains. Ride the whitewater currents down an artificial river, or just relax in the healing waters before retiring to a traditional wooden sauna. Bathers have used the healing mineral spring since the 16th century, and the same spring supplies the thermal spa. Today, the hotel has modern accommodations and a water park for children, allowing you to escape to the thermal spa in peace.

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