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Miami is a major center of finance, culture, media, international trade - and vacations! Who doesn’t want to come to Miami and see the beautiful beaches, stunning coral islands, and fantastic cuisine, and entertainment? Miami is one of the busiest tourist destinations in America, especially for those who love to party! With that being said, there are also many family-friendly activities that you can do in Miami too - it’s a place for everyone! Here are our top picks of what to do while you’re visiting Miami.

Hang Out in South Beach

If you’re heading to Miami with your friends or a significant other, you want to spend some time in South Beach. All of the stereotypes you’ve heard about Miami are especially true in South Beach - groups of people hanging out in the pools in their swimsuits and models rollerblading down Ocean Drive. South Beach is a fantasy playground of white sand and golden sun. You can wake up, have breakfast at any of the countless cafes, have some mimosas, and walk down Ocean Drive to visit the designer boutiques, sidewalk patios, lounge bars, and clubs.

Shopping at Lincoln Road Mall

Lincoln Road Mall is the “Fifth Avenue of the South” and was first built in the 1950s. There are an infinite amount of coffee shops, lounge, and different cultural attractions. It runs from Washington Avenue to Alton Road, and if you’re looking to blow through some cash, you can check out 1111 Lincoln Road, which is possible the most upscale parking garage in the world. “11 11” is the type of Space Age oddity that makes Miami so unique. There’s no doubt that if you visit the Lincoln Road Mall, you’re going to be in a retail heaven.

Bask in Art Deco on Ocean Drive

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Miami Beach is a young city by most architectural standards. However, the Art Deco District has made it into the National Register of Historic Places. The Art Deco District contains more than 800 buildings dating from the 1920s to the 1940s. Take a drive or walk on over to Ocean Drive just north of 5th Avenue and stop by the Art Deco District Welcome Centre where you can grab yourself a self-guided audio tour. This slice of pastel colors, sleek curves, chrome, and nautical buildings has been called the American Riviera. If you can, rent a room in one of these iconic hotels and stay in a piece of Americana.

Dine At The Forge

The Forge is one of the city’s most luxurious dining venues. The restaurant is famous for its celebrity guests, and The Forge has hosted Hollywood royalty, from Judy Garland to Frank Sinatra. It is almost home to some of the world’s most desired vintage wines, which are perfect to accompany the delicious steaks or elaborate seafood dishes you can choose for dinner. While the restaurant might be expensive, there’s nothing like a little celebrity-spotting to complete your trip to Miami.

Escape the Bustle to Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne is much quieter than the regular areas of Miami. Instead of embracing the hustle and bustle of Miami, slip away and enjoy the peace and tranquility of Key Biscayne. This is the most northern island of the Florida Keys and has beautiful beaches, two parks along the water, a cycling path and some spectacular views of Miami. Crandon Park has some great picnic areas, so it’s a lovely place to have a family outing.


Enjoy the sun and the water this summer with a getaway to America’s beachfront playground for some fine dining, electric entertainment, and amazing architecture - or spend your whole trip on the beach, glass in hand. That’s Miami.



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