The 25 Best Tropical Island Vacations in the World Jul 19, 2017 by Amy (Awesome Escape Blogger)


Bali is easily one of the most beautiful islands on earth. It’s so beautiful, in fact, that many people call it heaven on earth. This island truly has it all. The towering volcanoes and green canopy of trees create an amazing backdrop, while the turquoise waters that flow into sandy beaches make it a perfect retreat.

Most people spend their time lazing away on the beach, but that is only one of the sides of Bali. You can take a hike up an active volcano or hit the nightlife in Kuta. You’ll also want to make time to see the Tirta Empul Temple and the Elephant Safari Park. If you intend to explore Bali, consider hiring a car and driver. The traffic can be a problem in Bali, so it is easier to relax if you don’t have to drive. Then, you can roam around without any issues.

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