The Most Colorful Places On Earth Apr 1, 2016 by Sarah (Awesome Escape Blogger)

The Earth is overflowing with many miraculous sights, and some look as though they could only exist inside a painting. All around the world, there are magnificent vistas bursting with natural colors. If you’re looking for your next big adventure, you may want to consider some of these colorful wonders.

Kawachi Fuji Gardens, Japan

With pastel flowers hanging and growing in every area possible, this place is truly enchanting in every sense of the word. The Kawachi Fuji Gardens (or Kawachi Fuji-en) look like a watercolor hanging inside a museum. A hidden gem, the gardens are located in Kitakyushu, five hours on the train from Tokyo. It's a private garden that was founded in 1977 and, today, is only open during the wisteria season when the flowers paint the trees and paths in warm colors.

The most fascinating sight is the Wisteria Tunnel, a beautiful walk under an arch of purple, blue, and violet flowers. This can also be considered one of the best tunnels in the entire world. You need to visit from late April to the middle of May when the flowers are in bloom, and the peak is at the end of April.


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