Six Outdoors Adventures in Costa Rica Dec 2, 2015 by Ashleigh (Awesome Escape Blogger)

Costa Rica is a spectacular nation with coastlines on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. This area is home to a large, diverse population of land and marine wildlife, world-class snorkeling and scuba diving, and amazing adventures in the tropical jungles of this small Central American country. Here are six different adventures everyone should try out while enjoying their time in Costa Rica.

Hiking, Snorkeling and Wildlife (Cahuita)

If you're passionate about enjoying the outdoors on foot, you will absolutely adore venturing into Cahuita National Park. The park is situated right on the sea with opportunities for snorkeling, hiking, and wildlife-watching with difficulty levels from Beginner to Novice. The other perk? The park doesn't charge admission but operates by donation.

Zip-Lines and Horseback Riding (El Guapote)

Pura Aventura

There is no better way to see the jungles of Costa Rica than by zip-lining over the jungle canopy. Take advantage of the adventure packages offered by Pura Aventura. The company does more than just run the zip-lines too. It turns out that you can also go horseback riding along the trails below for an intimate look at the forest wildlife and some fascinating tropical flora.

White-Water Rafting (La Fortuna de San Carlos)

Desafio Adventure Co

A more courageous crowd may prefer to take their adventures out into the waters of the Arenal region. White water rafting is available through Desafio Adventure Co., which offers different classes of rapids for each group to take on depending on skill level. Even beginners can tackle the first class of rapids, and it's something everyone should be able to cross off of their bucket list at some point or another.

Rappel Down a Waterfall (Jaco)

Ocean Ranch Park has their own interesting attractions out of Jaco. Here you can zip-line and hike but also participate in rappeling down a waterfall. This is an especially exciting activity for those who enjoy climbing or have rappelled before. Be sure to bring an extra change of clothes—you will get soaking wet while rapelling down the pristine and cooling falls. 

Learn to Surf (Playa Flamingo)

Available from several different beaches along Costa Rica's picturesque coast, Point Break Surf offers its guests surfing and paddleboarding lessons right on the beach. The instructors have worked with people of every ability level, and the waters of Playa Flamingo are perfect for those just learning to stand up on a board. They also supply all of the equipment you'll need right from their surf shops.

Ride an ATV (Sardinal)

Some people prefer to have their adventures on motor vehicles, and while there are no jeep tours in Sardinal, Issys Tours does offer some intriguing ATV tours that take visitors through the jungle trails to fantastic spots with waterfalls. Or you can head to the beaches where there is limitless space for zipping around on these fun little machines. The tour group operates the ATVs safely and does require that drivers have their license to operate the machines, but it's well worth it—just like a trip to Costa Rica.



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