Seven Tips for Surviving a Long Flight Overseas Nov 23, 2015 by Ashleigh (Awesome Escape Blogger)

If you've ever traveled across the pond to Europe, Asia or Australia, you're probably familiar with how uncomfortable long and grueling flights can be. Well, it's definitely not far-fetched to think that sitting in the same seat for eight to twelve hours can be a problem. However, there are a ton of ways to make your next overseas flight a lot more comfortable. Check out our tips below.

Pack Print Entertainment

Although there are devices out there that take all of your favorite paperbacks and compress them into a glowing screen of ideas, it's far more preferable to bring something in print to read while on your flight. Glaring screens can give almost anyone a headache if you really get engrossed in a book, so instead of reaching for an eReader, find an enthralling thriller or romance novel to bring along. Magazines are great too because they pique your interest constantly with new tidbits of info and fit nicely into a carry-on or laptop bag.

Bring Along Your Tablet

Most airlines have new rules for domestic flights that allow for the use of aircraft wi-fi while in flight. This means that you can take the red eye and watch Netflix while in the air on your tablet or laptop. On international flights you can still bring along your favorite device, just use it locally (meaning no internet) and watch some stuff you've downloaded or listen to some of your favorite music. Relaxing tunes and good movies make the time pass way quicker. We know that most airlines will have an in-flight movie, but maybe that's not your thing, so why not bring your own?

Wear Compression Socks

There is a lot of evidence out there that supports the use of compression stockings/socks when flying for a longer period of time. The issue is that when you fly at higher altitudes and sit for longer periods of time, you could be putting yourself at risk of suffering a random stroke. It happens even in young, healthy individuals, so it's an important detail that could end up saving your life. Try to find a pair that are snug but don't cut off circulation. They can be comfortable if you get the right fit and proper material.


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