Five of the Most Stunning European Castles
by Ashleigh (Awesome Escape Blogger)
Oct 9, 2015

There's something magical about castles. People fortunate enough to view them up close are swept up by the whimsy of fairytales, turrets and damsels in distress. While palaces and the like have their own dark and dirty secrets that sit beneath the walls and tucked behind time, they're still gorgeous nonetheless. Magnificent buildings of sprawling proportions with architecture that baffles the modern mind. It might just be a start, but here are five of the most stunning castles you can visit if you're traveling in Europe.

Castillo de Coca (Spain)

Declared a National Monument of Spain, this impressive example of Gothic architecture was built beginning in the 15th Century on the outskirts of the village of Coca in the Segovia Region. Although the castle seemingly juts out of the rock as if it were carved out of a mountainside, it's actuality made of brick and has many fascinating features on its outside as well as inside. There are several floors of artifacts, a few ministry training facilities and amazing woodwork and masonry.

Frederiksborg Castle (Denmark)

Frederiksborg Castle is located in Hillerød, Denmark and is considered to be the largest Renaissance castle in all of Scandinavia. While the castle was originally built in the 1600s, it needed serious restoration after a fire in the 19th Century and was reproduced as it used to be following the castle's misfortune. Now the castle operates as a museum with some of the most impressive Danish artwork, furnishings and artifacts still in existence. The best time to photograph the castle is at sunset when the sun is bouncing off of its broadside from across the water.

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