Budget-Friendly Eats in Vancouver, BC Nov 9, 2015 by Ian (Awesome Escape Blogger)

Vancouver is one of the world’s most expensive cities but don’t let that stop you from finding great food at a great price. Whether you’re a local looking for some fresh options or a visitor planning their road trip to the Pacific Northwest, check out these budget-friendly restaurants when you’re in Vancouver. Fresh, amazing food is just around the corner.

Kyzock Sushi


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Vancouver is famous for great sushi and you can find hole-in-the-wall sushi places serving hand-rolled maki and freshly caught sashimi all over town. If you want great prices and good quality, then try Kyzock Sushi in Downtown Vancouver. Their small location has only a few brushed metal tables but don’t worry Kyzock also offers take-out! Staying in or dining out, be sure to check their ‘special menu’ on Facebook and Twitter where they announce the latest fresh, rare seafood like uni (sea urchin). Kyzock has a selection of sushi, sashimi, udon, and rice bowls and they’re known for their Sushi Bowl, a traditional Japanese-style sushi dinner served on a bed of perfect rice topped with an arrangement of sashimi and glittering roe. Be sure to have the BC Roll with fresh BBQ wild sockeye salmon for only $4!

Au Petit Café


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Head over to Main Street for lunch at Au Petit Café. Do Minh and his family have been serving Vietnamese cuisine to happy customers for over 30 years—seems like affordable, tasty food and friendly service are a winning combination! So is the strange consequence of the French occupation of Vietnam in the 19th Century. The French introduced their traditional bread to the Vietnamese, who promptly combined it with their own cooking to create the Banh Mi or Vietnamese sub! Served on fresh French bread with pickled carrots, onion, coriander, cucumber, and hot peppers, as well as your choice of meat. The best option? Homemade meatballs! Everything is under $10 so have some Banh Mi or try their crunchy spring rolls, soups, and noodles.


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